UN-dye bottles

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11:58am Jun 2 2011 (last edited on 12:00pm Jun 2 2011)

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So here's an idea, folks.

You've got your DK, you're just SOSOSO excited.
Finally. Indigo...Let's say Shaefu.

Inventory, click. DYE!
...You realize that you dye the wrong pet, and find you've dyed your Meiko indigo instead.
What a bummer.

What if there was a way to undye a pet? There could be a special new bottle item, and pets could be selected, and the item could be used to strip the dye of the pet, and put it back into the bottle to be used again. Such as 'Empty Indigo Dye Kit.' The dyed pet would then just go back to the color it was before being dyed {or if that didn't work, it could just return natural}.

I feel like it'd be a good addition to the Res item set.
Any support? owo;


1:27pm Jun 2 2011

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support. i beleive letainted had that proble with a trance kioka.

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1:29pm Jun 2 2011


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Supportsupportsupportsupport o.o I was SO upset when I meant to dye my Iluvu amber but ended up dying my Mirabilis. I support <3 Plus, what if you accidentally dye an albino? That would stink. Alot


3:21pm Jun 2 2011

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I support, though I think there should be a time limit, say 24 hours ((the back story could be that you can only get it off before it drys)) and the only person allowed to remove the dye from the pet is the one that put it on


5:28am Jun 3 2011

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5:53pm Jun 3 2011

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Thanks guys <3


7:33pm Jun 3 2011

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I like Dragon's addition to it.

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1:51am Jun 4 2011

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How about paying attention? It's not like you have to hurry because you dye 20 pets every day :/.

"This Dye Kit will turn your pet a lovely shade of orchid....
You may use this item on your active pet, Astian. It will paint your pet orchid!"

The item actually lists you active pet's name in bold, it's not to hard to check.

So sorry but no support for this.
The same can happen with Jelly Beans, Name Tags, Gender Pandants, Rare Books, Foresting and whatever. Should we have an undo button for everything? I don't think so.


3:56am Jun 4 2011

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yup, there is no undo buttonon live. but still support, because unlike a book name tag gender pendant or foresting and whatever, dying a pet completely changes it.

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10:07pm Jun 5 2011

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Sometimes people don't realize they have that kind of creatu dyed already. That's what happened to me when I tranced a Kioka after I already had one. I was certain I didn't, but I did. I would have loved to have taken back the action, but instead I settled for trading for a natural Kioka for my Trance'd one. lol.


2:03am Jun 6 2011

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On one hand, it's great for newbies. But on the other, without this option, th e economy could be further raised.


2:02am Jun 14 2011

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I support getting the un-dye DK, but not getting the original DK back to use again.


9:20pm Jun 16 2011

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i agree with Tox but good idea Req ^^

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11:01pm Jun 16 2011

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Support this idea.
Don't know about the getting the DK back though, may be a bit much to ask for.
And a time limit added onto it like mentioned earlier would also be good imo.

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8:11am Jun 17 2011

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I support, as long as you don't get the original kit back.  The time limit is good too.

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