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1:56am Jun 7 2015 (last edited on 1:58am Nov 21 2019)

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This is mostly copy and pasted from Ohso thread, I just updated it.

Several topics show up here in the suggestion and ideas forum over and over. They are posted by different users and are greatly debated until they fall off the first page at which point a new user posts the same idea/suggestion and the process starts all over again.

This list was created in the hopes of clearing up some space for new bursts of inspiration and to put to rest these topics that staff have taken into consideration, but in the end decided against. Not necessarily because they were bad ideas, but because they couldn't be fit into the Rescreatu game concept.

Increased hatch limit
As much as we all enjoy hatching new pets the daily hatch limit was put into place for very good reasons. The foremost being that each and every hatch, although it may not seem like it, has a huge impact on the economy. The more hatches there are the less each creatu is worth, and the quicker names will become unavailable.

Rescreatu will not increase the hatch limit. You can get extra hatches from daily rewards or buying them from other players. 

Creatu Breeding / Egg Laying
An interesting and highly entertaining concept for a pet site. Unfortunately it's a concept that a whole site needs to be built around. Rescreatu is already built around hatching and could never embrace a breeding system without becoming a completely different game.

Rescreatu will never implement a breeding system.

Creature Marriage
Rescreatu is not a dating site in any way and most of its user base agree that it should remain this way. However we do understand that some users find creatu relationships give their pets more character and that these relationships aren't forbidden by the site rules. Unfortunately implementing features that would promote these relationships would detract from the site's original theme and require the staff to devote large amounts of time on something only a few users will find beneficial to game play.

Here at least we can offer a compromise. Users are more than welcome to place information on their pet's pages about their creatu's relationships with other creatu, and are also welcome to role play their creatu in this way with other willing users. The only restrictions being that things must remain PG and any other users involved with the role play need to be willing participants.

Rescreatu will never implement features to promote creatu marrying or dating, but will leave options open to those who would enjoy it's elements in Rescreatu's game play.

Incubate All Button 
Having this button would defeat the purpose of incubation altogether.

Potions or anything else to "de-vamp" site art.
A certain style is required by the site to keep the art current - this just is not going to happen. 

Banned/Inactive accounts
Items, tu, or anything else will not be put back into circulation from these accounts. Pets will be deleted from banned accounts after a significant period of time, this will free up any names on these accounts. Inactive accounts will not be touched in any way, this includes touching names on those accounts. Inactive accounts will be sent an email after 6 years of inactivity. If they're inactive for a further 365days their account will be cleared. 

Direct search for the location of pet names
A search function that reveals the exact location of any name, other than those in rancher shops, will not be added.

Transferring or sharing Kir points between one or more accounts
Kir's quest is supposed to be difficult - adding features to make it easier isn't going to happen.

Anything to make Kir's Quest less difficult or challenging
As stated previously, it is supposed to be difficult. Though there has been talk of the ability to skip a quest as long as it had a fine for doing so.

Collecting interest on TU in the bank
Bank interest is a fun idea, but it is not something that will work for Rescreatu. Spending is encouraged here, as the economy of the game depends on items and TU moving around the site. Players with more TU would be less likely to spend, putting players with less TU at a disadvantage since it would be more difficult for them to sell anything.

Selling CS eggs for credits
Credits are being phased out, and will eventually be gone for good. The site depends on the sale of CS items to pay the server bills, the artists, register the domain name, pay for web hosting, the coders, pay business license fees, taxes, etc. Just because it is free to play does not mean it is free to run. We will not be making items available for credits that are currently only available for cash points.

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