Springs Level Loss

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12:33am Nov 23 2020

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I literally just lost over a year of progress. I was almost at level 400 and I am all over checking everything every single day and keeping my streak going, but I somehow missed checking the springs yesterday (no idea how I missed it though) and now I'm back to level one. I was feeling really unwell yesterday so maybe I just forgot, but I am certain that I did check it. I am quite disheartened that all my hard work has been undone just because of one missed day.

7:33am Jan 5 2021

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Bumping this again because I thought I'd done the springs yesterday but the site claims I didn't so here we are again, lol.


10:55pm Jan 6 2021


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Huge 100% support for this idea. An idea that comes to mind for me that I'd like to throw out there is perhaps missing a day resets you to a tier below where you were? That way there's still incentive to not miss any days but you can still keep your streak if life happens


7:08am Jan 7 2021

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I thought about resetting to the previous tier, but that's a pretty hard hit for someone that's at 400+ days still. Which is why I was thinking you lose tier or tier * 2 days when you miss a day. If you've been diligent enough to get online every day for a year, I don't think you should lose most of that to one day, just a chunk.


3:58pm Feb 26 2021 (last edited on 1:32am Apr 22 2021)

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or you could have a item that restores your level but only if you missed one day. i just got 100 then missed  a day D:


7:23am Sep 3 2021

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Bumping this back up because this is still relevant and still happens.


8:49am Sep 19 2021

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Totally agree with this, missing one day and losing everything is really frustrating, and I’m very sorry to hear about your 700 days 🥲


3:05pm Sep 26 2021

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There are certain days that I know I didn’t miss and even know what item I got that day but it says I missed it and drops me down to zero. :( Totally agree with this update!


8:01am Sep 27 2021

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yes to this! 

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7:18pm Sep 27 2021

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I think this idea could be applied to other things like quest tiers too, that is a really good suggestion. I cannot imagine loosing such a large streak. I think this would an excellent way to improve the current enchanted springs system, to stop it from getting uninteresting for players too.


8:52pm Sep 27 2021

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Stopping in to say I support this I used to log in every day and had amassed well over 450 days but upon losing that streak lost the incentive to even visit the springs on the daily. Now, it's a miracle if I make it to 7+ days without the need to start over because the incentive to "want" to keep the streak up is just not there as it resets if you miss a day, what's more, a streak freeze or something should be implemented so the streak is not at jeopardy of being lost.

10:55am Sep 28 2021

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Yeah this is horrible and it needs to be fixed. I’ve also heard that there’s a glitch where it randomly resets?


7:15am Sep 30 2021


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6:29pm Sep 30 2021 (last edited on 6:30pm Sep 30 2021)

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totally support this. I haven't read all the comments, but I think it would be reasonable to drop down a tier whenever you miss a day. ie., if you're at 52 days and miss one, you reset to 31. you miss another day (in a row) and go to 16, etc etc. I think it would hurt less to lose a 500 day streak if you don't have to go for another 2 months to get to the same level.

also, rip all the streaks of 100+ days that have been lost :C

might I also suggest that we have a "rewards" page where we can see what we can earn per tier? so many new games have this (squishy bin, for example) and it just feels outdated to not at this point


8:55pm Sep 30 2021

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Also support this 100%

Climbing up to 60+ days, just to lose it all in one, feels really terrible.

I wasn't even doing the Springs for a while because I had fallen back and it didn't feel worth it.  After finally going for it again for months, I just lost all my levels and now I'm disappointed once more.

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8:07am Oct 1 2021

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I totally agree I did the springs every 3 on vacation but missed 1 day when driving  back with two toddlers and I thought I did it that say
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