Showroom Pets.

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3:37pm Jun 21 2011

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Sorry if this was posted before ;/

I was thinking that showroom pets could have like their own pet page to put banners, art, deions in. To show them off a bit more. 

Apologies for the short post, but I don't really know how I could elaborate further. o_o

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6:58am Jun 23 2011

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Pets in your showroom can have a pet page, you just have to take them out of the showroom temporarily in order to edit the pet page, and once you put them back in there is no easy link to visit their pet page unless you have already saved the link or bookmarked the page yourself.

Do you perhaps mean that you wish there was an easy way to view and edit the pet pages of pets in showrooms? If so, this issue was brought up before and Pat said that it would be made possible in V3.


12:16pm Jun 23 2011

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What Zuleika said. o3o

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