Revised captcha system

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1:32pm Jul 23 2021

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We used to have the 'type in some numbers and letters' captcha and now, I've returned to res its the image captcha..
I know some prefer this new one but for me it's infuriating.

I try to buy an item, captcha comes up.
I somehow fail it five times in a row.
Item is sold out.
I try to buy another item, I fail it three times in a row, etc. 
It's incredibly frustrating for me, and it makes me never want to try to buy anything from shops.

My suggestions:
Is it possible to choose which captcha we use?
Or maybe have it so that it's time based instead.
Like every ten minutes, half an hour, idk.

I love Shaefu.

2:25am Jul 24 2021

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Not a fan of the new captcha too. Time consuming

5:50pm Sep 21 2021

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i like the option of being able to choose wich captcha to use
(the images one is better at phones but it takes longer to load, the numbers/letters is better at lap tops)


2:52pm Sep 22 2021

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It would be nice to have the option of either
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