Option to Give Up on Quests

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6:18pm Jul 30 2021 (last edited on 10:17am Aug 11 2021)

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There should be an option to forfeit quests, with the exception of the Planet specific quests (as there is no daily cap) and obviously Alphabet and quests under "Other." Users are currently given HOURS to complete tiered quests, nearly FIVE at tier one. Even though Harlows only has a 30 minute time limit, since there is a daily cap users should be given the option assuming it counts.

The only reason I can see why there is no option is to encourage users to purchase the items from user shops and stimulate the in-game economy. However, sometimes the items are crazily inflated or not even being sold at all in user shops which seems to be more counterproductive. At least for me, I personally stop questing all together when I reach that point and generally become unmotivated to do quests at all. I don't believe I'm the only user either.

Users are already, in my opinion, discouraged from giving up because it counts towards their daily quest cap or resets their current tier if they're attempting to go for the trophy.

Allow users to forfeit quests so they can move onto the next one without having to wait.

Alternative suggestions/solutions:
1. No option to forfeit quests, but significantly reduce the time limit for tiered quest;
2. Option to forfeit quests, but have a Tu penalty/fee (50-100k Tu?) which will also double as a Tu sink;
3. Option to forfeit quests, but have daily reward penalty by subtracting from the progress bar;
4. Option to forfeit quests, but users are only given a limited amount of daily skips (paid or free) per day;
5. Option to forfeit quests, but remove tier cap and introduce more benefits to those who reach higher quest tier milestones by increasing the % to earn Prize List rewards; or introduce a weekly or monthly based quest tier leaderboard (Mahina Egg or exclusive rewards for this reoccurring leaderboard?) for wealthier players hopefully resulting in more wealth/Tu distribution while increasing more activity such as restocking among players.

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10:14am Aug 11 2021

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Added alternative solutions for those who are against the idea of allowing users to simply forfeit quests.

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11:16pm Aug 21 2021

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I support. 

5:43am Oct 8 2021


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Support. When a quest times out, you lose that turn and any tu that might have come with it - to me that's enough on its own as a penalty.

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