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2:08pm May 15 2011

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Hmmmm. Actually, I really like this idea, because it's sort of annoying to shift through my bajillions of Word documents to find my Res. stuff.

Plus, no one except my family knows I play Res, so I have to name my documents all this annoying code stuff in case a friend ever looks at my documents or emails.

I think I could survive without this, but it would be convenient and save Eya some time and effort. It's not so much COULD it be done another way, because of course it could, but would it be convenient? I think so.

-clicks support button-


3:13pm May 15 2011


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Thanks eya, that's exactly what it's about- convenience


1:42am May 19 2011

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If you say that searching through bajillions of Word files are hard to keep up with, why not just move the file to your desktop? Minimize your browser, click on the file twice or so, and out pops your private notes on res that nobody will see. You can swear all you'd like, without staff banhammering you.



3:50pm May 19 2011

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Support I guess.

What I usually do is use abandoned Blogs. No one really looks at them, and you can edit them at a whim. 

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8:25am May 20 2011

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9:37pm May 21 2011


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Twint- Because you may use more than one computer


7:53pm May 22 2011 (last edited on 7:57pm May 22 2011)


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I support ^^ I have many family members and they make fun of me for writing this stuff on word documents and they actually delete them! As well as throw out papers that I write this stuff on!I don't like mentions on profiles because others will stumble upon that user's profile and be like "oh, why does ___ owe ___ 10million tu?" and then get all up in your buisiness, to me, it's kind of rude. Staffs are mature and don't do that! So notebooks would be great! This is a great idea! I hope it gets put into action! D: This would be so helpful!

*edit* and of course, the staff should be able to read it whenever they want. Because it would be annoying to the poor staffers if they had like an alert or something every time a new note book was created, but I STILL SUPPORT! :D


6:22pm May 24 2011

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Support. You covered everything in the first post. 


4:39pm May 25 2011

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Pff. I just joined a couple days ago and I already have a few Textedit note windows open constantly on my desktop, which slows my comp down.

 I support this~ It would be like the blog, right? But only you and admins could see it? Or perhaps that could be a setting.


5:01pm May 25 2011

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support, but i agree that this isn't nessaccary. i've gotten used to putting everything about Res on 5 different Word Documents, no big deal. I have my own folder, so no one will click and see and mess up my unorganized notes and reminders. ^^

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12:44am May 26 2011

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Full support here.

I can't count the times that I have needed something to be recorded and didn't have anywhere to put it >.< Sure I could put it in a document...and then try to find it out of the thousands of other documents and same for Notepad files and even drafts/notes in my email.

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