New Idea: Phoenix Creatu

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9:13am Mar 26 2021 (last edited on 7:50pm Mar 26 2021)

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This idea was spawned by a typo and brought to life by Lilith, alice111, and myself. xD

The Cigar Phoenix Creatu

Thanks to autocorrect changing "Vogar" to "cigar," we started wondering what a cigar-inspired creatu could look like.

What would it look like?
- Smoky trails around its body.
- Wrappings around it that get tighter/looser as it grows older.
- Red when it's a baby but gets darker/greyer as it gets older.
- Alternately: grey/ashy as a baby, molted grey/red as a teen, red and on fire as an adult.
- Phoenix-like! Bird creatu.
- Ages backwards? The "baby" stage is its adult form, teen is teen form, and the "adult" stage is its baby form.

What type of pet would it be?
I personally would love another planetary pet (personally voting for Reiflem considering the idea) but I could definitely see it as another CS creatu.

Name suggestions:
- Cigarillo [by Tiberius]
- Alithas [by me]
- Cigoenix [by Tiberius]
- Lilicin [by Tiberius]
- Lithalas [by me]

- Would ageless extracts have a sort of opposite effect on it? Since the "adult" stage is its baby form, would one extract make it teen (teen form) and a second one make it a "baby" (adult form)?

Feel free to make any suggestions or ask any questions below!

If someone would be willing to do a mockup sketch of this, that would be awesome!!! You will receive 60m total (20m from me, 20m from Lilith and 20m from alice111).

Come check out this suggestion for a phoenix creatu! It's... pretty lit. ;D [url=] Looking for an artist to do a mockup sketch! You could earn [b]60m[/b]!


9:19am Mar 26 2021

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Okay question is this a petition for a new creatu ? or a joke o,o


9:20am Mar 26 2021

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It's a suggestion for a new creatu. :P


9:26am Mar 26 2021

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O well cool i hope it gets seen and one of the devs are interested 

11:50am Mar 26 2021


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I'll  pitch in another 20M for a mockup!


11:53am Mar 26 2021

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ahh thank you Lilith! ♥


1:05pm Mar 26 2021 (last edited on 1:06pm Mar 26 2021)

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Wahhh I’ll pitch in 20m for this little dude as well (:

Adopted from Archaeus.


1:08pm Mar 26 2021


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I like the idea! I’m not a huge fan of it turning grey and ashy as it gets older since in my head that might lessen the appeal? I’d personally like the baby, having been born from ashes, would be covered in ash, whereas the adult would get all pretty and flamey and colorful :O 

Also, as cute as they are, I prefer the non-cigar related names! Don’t want inquisitive kiddos on the site to want to look into that kind of thing.

Anyway, I’d love a Phoenix creatu!

Egg could be a pile of ash, baby stage could be a small bird emerging from that ash, teen something in between (I’m not creative enough for this one) and adult could be a full grown blazing Phoenix! 


2:56pm Mar 26 2021

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Ah, that would be a good idea too! I thought that as a baby it would burn brightest, and be ashy like an ember as an adult.

That would be cool though! Maybe kind of an ugly baby with ashy grey feathers, then as a teen it begins to molt and burn, and as an adult it's fiery and beautiful?

Noted about the names. That wouldn't be good. Lilicin and Lithalas are probably my personal two favorites. They're combinations of Lilith, alice111, and Assassin, since we all contributed to it.


12:50pm Mar 27 2021

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This is an awesome idea! I think we need another "bird" creatu. 

 I may be able to do that mockup in about a week, but I'm busy atm... so no promises, but I can try :)
 I'm not too bothered about the payment, doing some concept art of this would be fun!<3

4:39pm Mar 28 2021 (last edited on 5:26pm Mar 28 2021)

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ew it went weird when it was resized

so I haven't really drawn in about a year but I thought this would be a fun exercise but I probably won't be getting around to doing any other stages. 
I think the biggest thing is instantly setting aside from the other bird creatu 
 other than *smoke and ash* 

some ideas- 
*bird x dragon- some scales- tail grows out to be more dragonish but maybe with plumes at the end? 
*double set of wings

Phoenix have such a cool cycle of life/death-> rebirth maybe think of a way to set it apart from the normal three stages of growth in creatu.

Cooking basin/ trash creatu- can't be beaned, morphed etcetc
even if a creatu is fed it'll die after it reaches a certain number of days old >
maybe four stages??> Baby> teen> adult> old
when it dies you get ash in your graveyard
when resurrected maybe a chance to get another colour (all creatu will be naturals to start with??)but all stats and name remain the same. 

there's lot's of issues with this idea but hopefully it'll give you something to think about. 
with the shrine creatu and Iubui I feel like the doors been open to outside the box creatu concepts! 

Vitem (vita-life in Latin mortem-death in Latin) 
Pyrotem (pyro- fire) 
Lol everything is Latin idk


12:23pm Jun 19 2021

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Phoenix ohh Yes I want one:D
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