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2:39pm Jul 15 2021

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I have three suggestions!

One, that mutants be able to hatch in colors as well. Have the rng roll twice, one for mutant chance and one for color. So we have the rare chance to get colored mutants!

Two, that kir asks for mutants. It'll raise their value, and give mutation potions a big use.

Three, that maybe mutants get effects?

2:55am Aug 20 2021


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Mutants won't be able to get effects due to the way they're coded in.

Huge support for the other two points though!


11:14pm Aug 21 2021

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Highly support the first one. 

8:25pm Sep 12 2021

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Disable mutant from being hatch from fresh eggs. 2% chance wasted from getting blonde, calico, achro or albino. My hatch log states 87 mutants and only 25 albino.

1:53pm Sep 18 2021

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Would also love if the Ageless effect worked on Mutants, since it wouldn't require any additional art.
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