Minigames (NOT flash)

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1:18pm Mar 31 2011

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I just thought of this.  It would be like the egg hunt and squishy hunt quests, and it would go under quests, because it IS a quest!

Except this time, it's a quest for the alternate Res-verse, where pets that are stuck in limbo go.

So, for the first few tasks, we have to gather supplies.  Simple things like a rope, maybe a weapon to defend yourself, etc., gathering them three at a time.  Maybe tasks 1-10 could be like that.  Then afterward, you journey to a cave you believe to be the site of the entrance to the alternate Res-verse (it makes sense for this to be Relcore, though there could be slightly different versions for each planet if you'd like, to spice it up).  During the travelling, some of your items break, and you have to find new ones.  Occasionally, you may be ambushed by wild Creatu, and that makes your selected Creatu's health drop by a random amount.  If that occurs, you must heal your Creatu before you move on to the next step.

Finally, you get to the cave (say around level 20-25), and you can't see into it.  For this, you have to obtain a candle.  When you get the candle, you journey through the cave, being attacked, items breaking, etc. until you find a vortex that takes you to the alternate Res-verse.

By this point, you have beaten the game, and it starts all over again!  Maybe with a "This was all a dream" type of feel to it.

Naturally, if there will be a different quest for each planet, then different Creatu will appear, your selected Creatu will have to differ (need a swimming one for Atquati, flying one for Scria, etc.), and the journey overall may differ, but this is just a basic outline.


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1:34pm Apr 28 2011

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I had an idea...We have a couple of uses for the Alphabet squishys but there are still so many in the trash and people throw them away/Delete them. A Quest game would be fun and would use them up.

A NEW Quest maybe...?

     "I have a need to spell Creatu names... I need to spell this name ______________"

Something like that would be perfect lots of letters would be used up and they are given out free in games everyday so there will always be a supply. Plus prices of the Letters will increase too.

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1:33pm Jul 4 2011

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the card game known as cheater or bs


12:56pm Aug 2 2011

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I remember which game now. :3


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2:44pm Aug 25 2011

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a book quest? like toys, and squishies(not very original but may help)



8:44pm Sep 19 2011

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Not sure if this has been suggested already.
A luck game, where you just "roll dice" (just click a link that says "Roll the Magic Dice!" or whatever lol) and you get the amount of tu of the two numbers you roll multiplied by each other, times 1000 or 500. (only two dice.)

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3:53pm Nov 17 2011

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I have a few... Tick Tack Toe, Wack A Creatu (like wack a mole), Creatu creator (you get different parts from different creatu, and make one awesome creatu), Maze games, Ummm.... memory games.. That is it...


4:27pm Jan 4 2012

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Res top trumps?


9:12pm Jan 24 2012

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Maybe like a feats of strength competition between creatu? Not battling just like different events. Might get people training them more :D

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7:51am Apr 25 2012

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Scratch-cards. We can sell the scratchcards aswell :3 But can only buy one each hour or so.


12:16pm Apr 29 2013


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posting so that others know it is fine to post on this thread - necroposting rule does not apply to this one. =)


8:20pm Jun 15 2013 (last edited on 8:20pm Jun 15 2013)

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Puzzles! I'm not sure if that's flash or not. But I like doing jigsaw puzzles and whatnot so that'd be fun to see. xD (Gives the artist's a job in making the puzzle designs and whatnot.)


5:45pm Jun 20 2013

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Definitely some kind of arena!  The game offers weapons but no purpose for them, other than to just have them.  They should be put to use by having some kind of stats. The arena could be a simple text-base game with a picture of the fighting creatu.  Also, there should be some ways to train the creatu's strength, speed, etc, like some kind of training room game! I think would spark alot of interest and gain a few more players!


6:20pm Sep 28 2016

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4:10pm Nov 6 2016

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Maybe a game where you can throw in tu or an item and in return get tu or an item back once a day?

Or maybe a game that has an image of a room or scenery with a bunch of other items and you have to find and click on a certain item. It would be cool if you were able to keep that item or get tu for how fast you find it.

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9:47pm Nov 18 2016

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11:33pm Mar 4 2017

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Multiplayer games maybe?

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12:54pm Feb 17 2019

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2048, please? :O


11:37pm Feb 26 2020

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maybe a rescreatu battle, like if u battle a iluvu u and u win u get an iluvu egg and cupid wings or something, and if u lose, u get the apetheic squishy version of the creatu ur battling.

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