List of Suggested Ideas [So people don't repeat already suggested ideas]

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3:08pm May 27 2020 (last edited on 3:21pm May 27 2020)

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Bring back more retired items during events.

Ability to see all my trades/offers, not just the last 5.

3:50am Aug 28 2020


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Pardon if any of these concepts has been suggested in regards to the list of creatu ideas.


Alligator (Garvul)

- Reiflem

- Molten rock gator with lava trickling from its backside and tail.

Gecko (Gekkon or Gerros)

- Relcore

- Can be loosely based on a crested gecko, with patches of moss growing on its skin.

Shark (Arvak)

- Atquati

- Could reference a Blacktip Reef Shark, the creatu could have a sort of "rhino" horn on top of its snout.

Cow (Wokka)

- Relcore

- Can be loosely based on Highland Cattle, the creatu can have thin fur and a sort of "lion's mane" on their necks.

Sheep (Bahil)

- Relcore

- Can totally be inspired by Kerry Hill Sheep.

Hyena (Yenal or Loyen)

- Can be loosely based on a Spotted Hyena, creatu can have a lion-like tail and short saber fangs.

Scorpion (Empion or Emperon)

- Reiflem

- Loosely based on an Emperor Scorpion, the creatu's underbelly could be made of smooth stone.

Squirrel (Squal)

- Atquati

- Can be based on the Indian Giant Squirrel, creatu could have webbed toes as it adapted to Atquati.

Plant (Venant)

- Relcore, Scria or Atquati

- Can be based on a Venus Flytrap, creatu could have poison seeping from it.

Butterfly (Rebia)

- Scria

- Can be based on the Piedmont Ringlet butterfly, creatu could have small gemstones on its wings.


- Any planet

There's actually a few good moth species that could make great references for designing a moth creatu. 

- Luna Moth
- Atlas Moth
- Garden Tiger Moth
- White Ermine Moth
- Giant Leopard Moth
- Cinnabar Moth
- Hickory Tussock Moth


4:59am Oct 17 2020

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Horse/pegasus/unicorn creatu :)

3:22am Nov 20 2020

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a new shop that sells backgrounds or backdrops for HA. It can have seasonal ones, scenery from the planets, space scenes, etc. I think it would sell well. Maybe even have some plain single color ones, or multi-rainbow colored ones for various users to chose from.

stay safe, Honeypie <3

7:35pm Jan 11 2021

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How about when you go to post up an egg trade that it actually labels spoiled/old/fresh eggs while setting it up instead of after. Would make egg trades way easier!


8:04am Feb 23 2021

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I was thinking what if you could get relking coins in daily rewards.

5:02am Mar 7 2021

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The ability to hand in multiple items, eggs & pets at the shrine at once.


9:18pm Apr 24 2021 (last edited on 8:59pm Jun 2 2021)

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  1. Display all locked hidden avatars in gray so players know what they are missing.
  2. Display apparels in dream builder from oldest to newest instead of alphabetically so returning players know what they are missing.
  3. Update Botanist Quest's Prize Shop.

11:59am May 12 2021 (last edited on 12:02pm May 12 2021)

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Release items that are in the Item database for years but were never actually added to the game.

*Trance creatu squishies (and make more of them)
*Drachid Beanbag
*Creatu Beanie Egg Containers (there are so many unreleased ones) + make beanies for them
*3 sets of beanies for the Beanie Egg Containers were already made but not released (Chimby, Drindian, Leverene)
*Gold Stardust Skin

I'm sure there are more items that were not released yet.

12:54pm Sep 20 2021

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I hope this is the correct spot to post this..

Anyway, I was hoping that we can improve our rmails. I know Gmail has a feature where we can type in a user or subject and it finds emails that would fit that category. I am bringing this up because I have tons of rmails and I would love to be able to type in a username and find all there newest and previous posts. It would so much easier than having to click over and over to find the user but not the correct post you wanted from that user. Please let me know if this makes sense. Thank you.

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