I got an idea!

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1:37am May 28 2011

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Why don't we put all weapons in  Res to use by creating a battle arena.The weapons look good and all,but don't... seem to be ....worth..... BUYING!


6:37am May 28 2011

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There was a Battle Arena before, that's what the Sword icon which doesn't work was for. It might be in V3, I don't know.

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7:26am May 28 2011

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I'm pretty sure Patrick said he's like to have the Battle Arena back in version 3. :3

However, I've heard no mention of whether or not we'll be able to equip our pets with weapons. If we can... My Omni... with a Water Cannon 8D

(P.S You can hand weapons into the Weapon Quest in Games and make a bit of tu that way owo)

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9:44am May 28 2011

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10:53pm May 29 2011

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The battle arena is currently under construction. We're hoping to have it up in V3 sometime. (:

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