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5:00pm May 22 2011

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Okay, i kinda feel like i'm hogging up the Suggestions & Ideas thread with all these crazy contraptions in my head, but i have yet another idea for Res!

NUMBAH ONE: If you skip a day, you lose 3 hatches. How about if you skip a day, you get an extra hatch the very next day, for losing the opprutunity the other day.
Example: Forgot to hatch on Wednesday.
              Get 4 (instead of 3) hatches on Thursday!
This would only work for the very next day, not build up over time. (that wouldn't be fair!!)

NUMBAH TWO: Everyone is buying and selling hatches, (and it's not very convenient). I mean, you have to ask them what colors to release and keep, what names, and to incubate the eggs, and then pet trade the pets back. So, i think you should be able to 'gift hatches'. As in, give someone your hatch(s), and they can send you the money(whatever you price hatches at). This is much for convenient than doing all that complicated stuff. If you are a major hatch seller or buyer like me, you know what i'm talking about.

If you are confused on these ideas, please say so, and i will try to clear things up a bit. :) Post on here whether you support or not, for each idea, and why or why not. Here is a handy form for you to use when posting on here:

Idea #1: Support/No Support. WHY.

Idea #2: Support/No Support. WHY.


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5:54pm May 22 2011

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I support these two ideas because I dont have so many oporunatis to hatch my pets and someday I really dont have time.

And gift hatches, HOMG, great idea!Im really sick of Rmailing users about the hatches.


8:02pm May 22 2011


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Increasing the hatch limit is a forbidden topic for discussion [see "Topics not open for debate"], so that one cannot continue.

As for gifting hatches, no support. Buying hatches was not allowed at all until recently. If users wish to continue to buy extra hatches from other users, it will have to be in this same manner.



10:02pm May 23 2011

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broken- I actually thought this was an exception, since you lose 3 hatches, but gain 1 for just the next day. I apolagize greatly for breaking the rules. :( Very sorry.

zmajka- thank u!

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