Fishing Holes for All Planets!

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1:08pm Sep 23 2021 (last edited on 1:09pm Sep 23 2021)

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We've had the fishing hole that's exclusive to Relcore for years, and now that we have a better precedent for planet exclusive things, I wanted to suggest an addition to the existing fishing hole.

Fishing holes on each planet.

The existing fish that couldn't be attributed to an element already could be findable in every fishing hole and more common, and elemental fish could be added to their respective planets and rarer than the existing fish. Also adding more TYPES of aquatic life.

Some fish ideas I came up with are;

Cooling Magma Cod
Coal Fish
Ember Eel

Cirrus Carp
Wind Guppy
Tornado Fish

Vine Snapper
Overgrowth Fish
Flytrap Angler

Tsunami Tetra
Whirlpool Fish
Wave Shark

These elemental fish could be part of various collections too. Maybe there could also be some Dye Kit fish that are Legendary Rarity too that dye your pets if they are eaten? (The DK fish is a LONG shot though lol)

As a lifelong resident of Reiflem, Im unsure of the mechanics of the current fishing hole, but Im thinking it could be similar to the apple tree in that you can fish once with each creatu, each day.
If more uses are added to the fish than just food, maybe a cap could be put on it that you could only fish with 20 creatu each day for example. "So as not to disrupt the ecosystem."

While we were talking about ideas for the fish in the SB someone mentioned an idea for an "Aquarium" you could build to showcase your fish. If this person wants to put a suggestion thread together for that, Ill be happy to link it here (if thats allowed)

I may even sketch up some concept art lol
This idea is still in the works, so I will add "EDIT" to anything I may end up adding or adjusting.


1:09pm Sep 23 2021

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Saving, just in case lol


1:12pm Sep 23 2021


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Super loving this!! Support :)


11:07pm Sep 25 2021

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That sounds great!

5:37am Sep 26 2021

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Here to bump and support 

5:41am Sep 26 2021

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i like this! i support it

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