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8:53am Jul 12 2021

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After Tibs mentioned the irony of their pet not being able to explore, it made me think 'what if it could in the future?'

The concept I am proposing is a planet consumable item, like the candles, but works for an individual pet like the ice apples in the tunnel granting an extra go.

I don't know where you would get them, but there would be 4 wayfinders (working title), one for each planet that when used by a pet, 'unlock some intuition on how to traverse X planet safely' for a set period of time.

So you could see where they can traverse, the pet could gain a temporary rune [  ] so you have a visual stimuli.

Say you want to hop to a different planet for blessings, but want to keep using your favourite pet to explore. It would enable this.

Some people might only like Uldavi pets, but have to have others on their profile to explore. 'Wayfinders' Would enable Uldavi+ to explore. 

That is the basic premise I spued in the SB before thinking I should actually put it somewhere more tangable.

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9:02am Jul 12 2021


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I like this! Support :)


9:05am Jul 12 2021

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yes! I like my CS pets, but I'd rather have 'em in storage and keep the creatu I like on profile. This would allow me to use 'em for pet finding. I support this idea!

9:17am Jul 12 2021


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I like this idea, support!

(Wayfinder is very cute, 10/10)


11:57am Jul 12 2021

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I only keep most of the CS pets on my profile out for exploring.  My main pets are mostly Kayoki, and a couple of Uldavian.  This is a neat idea.  :]


3:42pm Jul 12 2021

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I really love this idea!!

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6:41pm Jul 13 2021

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support! let me use my ivik!!!!!!


6:41pm Jul 13 2021

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That sounds like a great idea! Definitely support

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