Egg Marketplace Suggestions

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2:52pm Jun 4 2021 (last edited on 11:45am Jun 10 2021)

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--Include the egg marketplace underneath the Shops tab instead of having to go through your hatchery to access it

--Be able to sort by if an egg is incubated or in the process of being incubated or not. 

--Save search like we can in the Rancher shop search interface.

--Include the age of the egg and be able to sort by the age of the egg itself (you can sort by date listed, but people can list an egg 7 days old still fresh and it could turn old very quickly after being purchased). 

--Have it so you can sort your eggs to sell (such as only Fresh eggs being able to be sold if you toggle it that way). I know I can get very frustrated trying to sift through the eggs I actually want to sell compared to all the eggs that pop up just because I have one or two spoiled ones of that species. 

--Along with the previous suggestion, perhaps being able to see if there are any eggs of that species currently in the marketplace would be nice. Merchant Shops and Rancher Shops have this feature so I don't see why that can't be something we do for Eggs as well. 

--Fix the selling interface? If I only have one or two of a rare egg, I can almost never get it to let me sell that one egg. I put this in the bugs/glitches board as well but I don't think it ever got seen. It only happens occasionally but still very frustrating (for example I have an Intes egg I would like to list but the marketplace will not let me for some reason, but I definitely have it, and it even shows up as a tab, it just keeps saying I have 0 fresh, 0 old, and 0 spoiled despite me having at least one fresh). 

--Alongside selling, it would be pretty nice if there was a way to save selling preferences. Like if I am selling Vogar eggs at 90k tu each for fresh, 40k for old, and 30k for spoiled, it would be cool to save that setting for all future Vogar eggs I sell. 


1:30pm Jun 15 2021


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I support all of these 100%. The egg market is kinda wonky and these QoL changes would help make it much easier to use.

Especially that last one about saving the amount you want to sell eggs for. Would love if there was a way to save a default for that


7:44pm Jun 15 2021


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To be honest, it needs to be entirely replaced :)
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