Custom HA Items

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5:24pm Jun 26 2021

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Not sure if it's been brought up before;
But a custom HA item that can be implemented into the site that will cost approximately 100 cp ish. 
Can be done through the CP shop, and the user will provide a rough sketch or a thorough deion of the item for actual res artists.

HA items are def a huge part of this site, with there before over 3,000 different ones. This will definitely help boost the every so slowly dwindling res economy. What's good about this is:
"Sharkand dev team can do it unlike where admins only can upload creatu effects!"
So it will (probably) be faster and easier to implement into site.

And the since the art is already done, the user who requested said art can then ask for more copies of the item for 50% (50 cp) of the cost. Which they can then sell to other users for x amount of cp. 

LMK if y'all think this a good idea or not :)


5:25pm Jun 26 2021


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Yes yes yesssss!! Total support :D


5:25pm Jun 26 2021

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5:27pm Jun 26 2021


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100 CP is only $10 🤔 custom HA items should go for a lot more.
and it's easy to upload anything, but I'm guessing it would be that the artists will have more workload.

Now if you pay for custom recolors of existing items, that should be easier!


5:29pm Jun 26 2021


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I love this idea! 
I think since the Res artists are pretty busy, we could look into hiring a HA artist for this! Or even going in the direction of submitting the item art, and appearance on the HAs for approval (like FR skins), it going through an artist panel to get approved, and then gets on site. 


5:31pm Jun 26 2021


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Problem with recolors is there's only so many clothing PSDs we have on file, so it'd be probably genuinely easier to do clothes from scratch.


12:01pm Jun 29 2021

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support!!!! would be so cool!!


10:14pm Jul 21 2021

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