creatu egg nests

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11:19am Apr 28 2011

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instead of finding one egg at a time all the time, occasionaly you find a nest of eggs

EG   you have stumbled upon a nest of ahea eggs

you have stumbled upon a nest of meragon eggs

it could be used with all findable eggs and seasonals , with about 4/5 eggs in a nest


1:12pm Apr 28 2011

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How often is occasionally? XD

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8:18pm Apr 28 2011

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Findable eggs: yes.

Seasonals: no.


7:04am Apr 29 2011

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well occasionaly means every so often just for a change like a surpprise , but not a huge gap from when you find one to finding the next


4:57pm Apr 29 2011

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If we do do this I think it should be fairly rare. And a nest of eggs could be more like, 2 to 5 eggs? :p Because usually amount of eggs laid vary quite a bit.


7:22am May 1 2011

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I actually support this. It sounds like a really nifty idea.

When you think about animals in real life, yes, some do only lay a single egg in a single place, but there are also those that lay many eggs in a nest. It seems a bit weird that creatu lay all their eggs seperatly, and I think this idea could bring a bit more realism into the game.

It would also be good if it was a different number of eggs in a nest depending on the rarity species. Maybe rare species (under 1 % rarity) will only lay one egg at a time so you can't find a nest of eggs for that species.

But other, more common species (30% rarity and higher) may lay a huge number of eggs so there could be lots of eggs in the nest.

And a species in the middle with kind of moderate rarity (1 - 20% rarity) would have just a few eggs in the nest.

There could even be a note on the nesting habits of a species in it's diion.

Maybe there could be like a 5% chance that you will find a nest, which is 1 in 20 egg finds.

Just throwing my ideas out there.


8:06pm May 17 2011

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Yeah, I support this as long as it is somewhat rare. I don't want to come across like ten million Ahea nests, y'know? x3

I also agree with Zuleika's above idea. For example, I know in the deion of some Creatu it says they live in herds or colonies, so they could lay eggs a large amount of unrelated eggs together as well.


1:01am May 18 2011

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i support. It sounds alright. :)


4:47pm May 18 2011


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I think this would completely take away the purpose of finding eggs. You have to work to build up a good egg stock, this would completely take away the "finding eggs" concept D:
Sorry but,

No Support~


5:26pm May 23 2011

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I support. But no seasonal nests, that just wouldn't be fair!

5:44am May 24 2011

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Yeah I agree with khail, there shouldnt be nests of sesonal eggs, but I support the rest of idea:)


6:01am May 24 2011

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