Coupla QoL suggestions

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6:36am May 8 2021

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1) Add the "Toggle Max" option to our Storage, pretty please.  XD

2) A little more basic info, like an end date and prize tiers, when events are originally announced.  I don't care what the prizes even are, just whether or not there will be awards for Top Ten, Twenty, etc.  i.e., "This event will run through May 30.  Prizes will be awarded for the number of items submitted and for the top 20 and 50 users on the Leaderboard.  The prize shop will close on June 6th, and points earned this year will be gone after that date (in other words, they do/do not carry over IF the shop returns)."

3) Add an option to change the gender displayed on our profiles OR to hide that completely.  I know that's been mentioned before, but I feel like it's a pretty important thing that won't affect gameplay in a negative way at all.  And I wasn't sure if I'd get dinged for posting on the other thread (would that be a necro or would it just be showing support?), so I'm mentioning it here.

That's all.  I hope these are taken as the simple quality of life improvement suggestions that they're meant to be, not in any way a critique or complaint.  :]


8:32am May 8 2021

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I support all of these. Number 2 especially is something I'm still trying to figure out for this event, lol.


6:31pm May 17 2021 (last edited on 6:38pm May 17 2021)


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Def support all of these! Honestly I think #2 helps me determine whether I want to spend the time/effort/finances into an event. I don't want to waste tu getting to the top 50 if I don't know whether there will be a prize or not
Also highly support #3. I'm sure there's some weird reason why people can only gender change once and it has to be a support ticket, but it would be nice for people to have that option. Also def support hiding that as well. And may I raise a suggestion from that: a pronouns option for profiles! <3 

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