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4:16am Sep 20 2020 (last edited on 2:19am Sep 24 2020)


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So I've been looking at the List of Suggested Ideas thread and have thought up of some cool ways to obtain some of the stuff suggested there.

Might as well make this as a list of some sort.

1. After hearing of Kir's success, his brother Mir travels to Rescreatu to capture creatu for his experiments. He sets his sights on the four shrines, eager to wipe out the Guardians and take the shrine eggs for himself. Kir seeks our help in stopping his brother's plans, in return, Kir will donate some new Uldavi eggs into each of the shrines, letting those new species adapt and survive on their new planets.

- A maned moose creatu for Relcore.

- A horned phoenix creatu for Scria.

- A magma alligator creatu for Reiflem.

- A spotted Axolotl creatu for Atquati.

2. Elizabeth's (Book Bargain NPC) grandmother recently bought a property on Relcore that she wants to turn into a Grand Library. She needs our help to donate books, furniture and toys for the children. After much donating, her grandmother thanks us for our help. In return, she found boxes of old books in the Book Bargain's attic. She knows these books are highly valuable and won't just hand them over. Instead, she wants you to earn these books from her nervous assistant, Marisa (Book Quest NPC).

- Filters in old books that are either not in user shops or severely overpriced. (Let's be real now, what good are overpriced/unobtainable books if it means people won't be able to actually read the work past Writers have done?)

- Grand Library can also have a Lore tab for past Rescreatu events.

3. A Scria astronomer has discovered unusual constellations in the night sky. Assisting him in his research would lead him in making a breakthrough discovery of a new creatu effect - Zodiac. He has concluded that some creatu are capable of having this effect, letting you and your specific selected pet see through the magical telescope to obtain this effect.

Aries - sheep converted Malal

Taurus - bull horned Valabex

Gemini - possibly a chimera Zenirix, with split body colors?

Cancer - can possibly be a crab-clawed Skaldyr hiding in an empty crab shell?

Leo - maned Otachie

Virgo - an Aukira whose tail feathers are replaced with flower petals.

Libra - possibly be an Easero balancing 2 eggs on its wings?

Scorpio - an altered Vaspi with scorpion claws and a scorpion tail?

Sagittarius - a Meragon using its mouth and hoof to draw a bow and arrow.

Capricorn - an altered Sirleon with goat hooves and goat horns.

Aquarius - a Draqua holding an urn of water.

Pisces - possibly an Ahea that has colorful corals on its back instead of fins.

4. Adagu seeks our help in investigating reports about pollution at Trash Isthmus. Upon further investigation, it seems that a rather odd looking mossy gecko creatu has adapted there. Adagu wants to help keep Trash Isthmus clean and less polluted, but he doesn't want to endanger this new creatu species. Instead, he has chosen to safeguard their eggs and reward them to users who gather a certain number of points from taking an item from the Trash each day.

- Gecko creatu eggs can be traded for 7 Trash points. (1 week's worth of item picking)

- It's meant to take patience to obtain eggs like this and not overly decrease its value.

5. Word has gotten around that an Arena has opened up on Relcore. Taking a trip there, you encounter two armored knights; one with a wolf shield and the other with a knight shield. You take notice that they have an armored zenirix and armored gondra. Both of them brag how their creatu is stronger than the other. They then introduce you to the basics of the Arena, and how to train your creatu for battle.

- Would be an amazing way to bring back the battle system.

After enduring many fights, you encounter a mercenary who takes part in the Arena. He has an armored berrok and seems quite tough to beat. The two knights could be seen showing disgust towards the mercenary.

Once defeated, the mercenary then reveals that he was Relcore's former hero, seemingly banished from Relcore for an unknown reason. He admires the bond and strength you and your creatu share, and gifts you the recipe to craft creatu armor.

6. Ursula from the Freaky Toy Outlet shop is requesting your help with a project of hers. She claims she needs a bunch of creatu squishies and potions from the Potion Shop. You're suspicious on why she needs all of those, but you gather the stuff for her anyway. Faheem of the Potion Shop later tells you that Ursula has gone too far and has created rather odd and ugly creatu squishies. Upon investigating you find that she is selling these squishies at expensive prices. She tells you that if you buy one and let a creatu of that specific squishy play with it, it will change your creatu for the better.

- The Squishy effect, giving your creatu a plush look with broken button eyes and messed up stitch lines.

7. Malcolm has secretly been working with a scientist in making a top notch time machine. After further testing, the time machine malfunctions when his veram, Cain, accidentally breaks a part inside of it. Cain disappears before our eyes as he's warped out of this timeline. Desperate for our help, Malcolm quickly goes to work in fixing the machine. With some more testing, the machine appears to run smoothly. We travel back into a prehistoric timeline where not all is it seems...

It seems there are an abundance of Ancient creatu species that are oddly similar to some Credit Shop creatu. Perhaps they were the first ones that inhabited the four planets before the others?

- A wingless Aerix with hooves and short rhino horns. Found on Relcore.

- A Cyid that has no backside fin and a protruding antenna like an angler fish. Found on Atquati.

- An Ezahni with a pair of horns protruding from its head, crossed like an X. Its mane covering its entire neck and chest. Its tail completely fluffy. Found on Scria.

- A tiger striped Jahra without its blue 'wings' and tail tips. Instead it has gleaming crystals growing along its limbs and down its backside. Found on Reiflem.

- A winged Shaefu with a double set of short saber fangs protruding from its mouth. Its ears are floppy an its mane nonexistant. Found on Scria.

- Can even introduce a Velociraptor, horseshoe crab and Quetzalcoatl for Relcore, Atquati and Reiflem.

This event is meant to bring in the idea that some creatu evolved and adapted while others did not.

After getting Cain back to the present timeline, Malcolm rewards your efforts by allowing you to use the time machine once a week, for 2 hours, to ensure the rarity of those Ancient Creatu.

8. The Toy Store has some magical pillows in stock. Rumor has it that something adorable can happen if your pet interacts with one.

- Sleepy time effect will have your creatu cuddling up on a comfy pillow. Comes with a thought bubble of Zzz's.

- Large creatu like Berrok and Zenirix will have their head resting on the pillow, complete with some drooling.

-Medium creatu like Iluvu and Myotis, will be sprawled out on the pillow.

-Small creatu like Vaspi and Drachid, will be curled up on the middle of the pillow.


I will add more to this thread tomorrow.


4:24am Sep 20 2020

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The gemini one reminds me of an Aywas pet

Love these ideas x

4:24am Sep 20 2020


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What Aywas pet?


4:32am Sep 20 2020

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Oh I like the Bookstore one! Would be cool to have a giant library where one can read the Res lore, especially for new people joining. It's also cool for learning about seasonal characters, like Xoria and Xaria (i think that's their names? The two twin spirits from Halloween).

4:36am Sep 20 2020

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Posts: 76 :) 

12:18pm Sep 20 2020


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Xoria and Xespa are the twin sisters.


10:33am Sep 21 2020

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Oh, all of these sound awesome!!

The trash ithsmus one is delightful and would be a cool way to obtain pets

9:01pm Sep 21 2020


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Some really great ideas here.

10:37pm Sep 21 2020


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Thanks Patrick :D
I'll think of some more ideas soon.


10:53pm Jun 19 2021


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Really love Aquarius, and this thread. These are great ideas.


10:59pm Jun 19 2021

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I love them all! Especially the zodiac, pillow effect, pre cs creatu and the messed up squishy effect! :D

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