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4:46pm Nov 1 2011

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Comment on Anu's post about mutating pets: This might tick off quite a few members. Possibly because a mutated natural creatu is worth at least 15mil more than a normal natural creatu.

Well now. I should... Probably put something intelligent here. At some point. Eventually.
... Screw it. HYE. ♥

6:57pm Sep 12 2012

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I have a couple ideas. The first one is about the actual rancher class.

How about ranchers can give up hatches to have one with a higher chance rate to hatch a color instead of a nattie. Like, every hatch you give up, that one hatch gets higher chance by 1%. You give up ten hatches, you get a ten percent chance higher (ten could be the limit.) Also, you could have houses for creatu, and have furniture makers. Like, they make artisan, cool furniture that you can only buy from them, and you have a shop that you can put furniture in, but nothing else.


7:06pm Feb 11 2013

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When the battle system comes out, perhaps a new class can have a training advantage or battle advantage with their pets.

they/them/theirs :)

8:37pm Feb 19 2013

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I loved the training that used to be here I didn't have my own account but, it was so, cool and gave a reason to heal a pet. I also think ranchers should be able to trade pets with one another.

2:41pm Jan 3 2016

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