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7:27pm May 3 2011

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I don't know if this is supported in V3, but i would like to suggest.


You can chat with one person through Rmail. You can chat with everyone through the ShoutBox. But wouldn't be nice if you could do a 3-way or 4-way chat? This is great for Kir's Quest team-ups, a group planning a Res user-created event(such as b-day party for someone on Res, etc., or just a couple of best friends wanting to talk! Your conversations wouldn't get cluttered and confuzed by other users talking on the same box. :)


Also, if you are over like, 15 or something, couldn't you do video chats with your best buddies that you know in real life? Of course, you would get a video chat request, and you would choose to accept or not. For safety, if you're under 15, you would have to have a parent's permission to be able to video chat with a specific user. Other users could be blocked, again for safety. 


Please post saying support for both, only support for one and which one, and please, i want to know why/why not. thanks! 



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7:59pm May 3 2011

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There is no need for this.

That's why they made AIM and MSN.

This is just more trouble with programming/coding.


1:59am May 4 2011


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Agree with Draco, no support. There is too much risk involved with video chat, and it would also use up a ton of resources on the server, making it more expensive to run. 



5:18pm May 4 2011

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I have to say no support. Especially with the video chat, Honestly, that would probably get some people sued oe something. And you really shouldn't be videochatting with random people online, unless they're friends, and then you can just go on skype or something.

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1:45am May 19 2011

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On RMail, you can type several usernames separated by commas to send them to multiple users.


3:57pm May 19 2011


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Even though v3 has the capabilities to support video chat, it is not happening on Rescreatu. We do have the ability for users to create private chatrooms that they can invite friends to, however, I haven't decided if I want to allow users to do this or not yet.
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