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6:47pm Apr 24 2021 (last edited on 2:11pm Apr 26 2021)

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I think that while having usernames bolded in the chat box helps differentiate messages, it could be better in my opinion! If there was a small space between messages, it would be a lot easier to read and look at. It might just be me, but I feel like I’m squinting a lot while trying to read the chat because messages are so close to each other and look like it’s all one huge block of text. 


9:55pm Jun 11 2021 (last edited on 9:55pm Jun 11 2021)


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moved to the suggestions forum:) I would like this! sometimes i read the incorrect username next to a message so a little extra space would make it easier


12:30am Jun 13 2021


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I like this idea! I support it :]


1:09pm Jun 23 2021

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I also like this idea! It could go in the chatroom preferences with the purge rate, night box, etc. That way users can choose how much distance they want between messages, much like line spacing in a word document.

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