Barter token exchange

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9:09pm Jul 8 2021

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So this would be similar to how the Relking Coin exchange works, but for Barter tokens. Up until a few days ago, I didn't start fully utilizing the use of the explore function, and from that bulk exploration, I have received tons of barter tokens, and it has come to a point where I'd like to get the tu from them. I've been avoiding just clicking "use item" a ton of times and I think it'd be really nice for people who stockpile barter tokens either by accident or on purpose to redeem them all at once
That's p much it. Not a very complicated idea hopefully haha

10:47pm Jul 8 2021


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This exists already! You can access it from your bank - it's called "Token Exchange" :D


10:50pm Jul 8 2021

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OH it does LOL i didn't look there thank you!!
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