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1:16pm Jun 30 2011

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I think we should get interest for the tu we put in the bank.

 I don't know how much I have to clarify about what it means, but an idea for that the more tu you have in your bank account, the more interest you get per week.

I dunno, should it be week/day/month?

I think week sounds reasonable, while day seems like too much. Month seems far too long for me, but please do comment if you think month is better.

Feel free to elaborate on any specific ideas you have!


1:18pm Jun 30 2011

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I agree, week sounds pretty good.  I thought they gave you an option for that when you open your bank account though?



1:20pm Jun 30 2011

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They do? I've never seen it, then again I made my bank account in '08. I don't think it works though, since nobdoy seems to get interest for their tu.


1:20pm Jun 30 2011

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I've taken this idea up with Pat in the SB before. He said it wouldn't really help the economy, but I still think it's a great idea.


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4:07pm Jun 30 2011

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I would put all my money on the bank if you would get that. I always screw up everything with the stocks. And it can help the economy, it brings a little bit of tu in the game.


9:44pm Jun 30 2011

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11:50pm Jun 30 2011


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No support. It would cause more multiple accounts and cheating. And where would the extra tu come from? I don't want to have less tu earned from games, or less tu in the raffling pot.


2:26pm Jul 1 2011

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I'm not sure if I do or don't support (though obviously the money-maker in me wants this implemented) but I would assume the tu would just be generated? It's not as if Patrick released a set amount of tu into the game and it'll never be recovered or added to...right? o_o


5:02pm Jul 1 2011


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I don't believe this is a feature that will be added back into the game. At one point, you did have the option of signing up an interest-bearing bank account but it hasn't worked in over two years, and I'm fairly sure I've heard Pat mention that it won't be carrying over into future versions.

We have nifty things like stumbling upon random piles of TU though, and those would generate more TU than interest on banking would by far. =) [Ever looked at a savings account details and the interest it generates? Its like, 3/10ths of one percent, ridiculously small lol.] 

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