Automatic Deletion of Threads after several months of Inactivity

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3:01am Jun 17 2011

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I noticed that in some sections on the forums there're tons of inactive threads. Since I understand the reasons for not allowing thread starters to delete them, and also consider that they wouldn't do anyways, since you can easily loose track of an inactive thread when each days many new threads are made, I was thinking about other options to decrease the number of inactive threads.
What would you people think about an automatic deletion of old threads. Like, when a thread is inactive for, let's say 3 months, it is considered dead and deleted automatically?

8:06am Jun 17 2011 (last edited on 8:07am Jun 17 2011)

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No support. x3 There are some really useful threads out there that simply ran out of discussion power. They're still great to reference.

Like this guy. I've looked through it again many, many times since it died, for various reasons. To show other people, to find an image I wanna use.. even just for nostalgia.

Also, it may seem like a relatively long time before they get deleted, but I guarantee SOMEONE would get mad about having one of their threads deleted. Like maybe they were on hiatus or suddenly disappeared, and then a few months later they'd come back to find their darling thread missing.

It happened pretty bad when we first got this new Forum, and there was a deadness limit. It was a much shorter limit, but still. A looot of people complained about it.


9:09am Jun 17 2011

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No support for Yoshi's reasons.

Also, someone will lose their head to the Roleplayers if old topics get deleted. I still look back on some of my old RPs and sometimes I re-use old plots I've come up with that died for whatever reason. I'm already not happy about having to archive everything since V3 will probably delete everything. xD;

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10:39am Jun 17 2011

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No support for similar reasons.
I usually don't have time during the school year to keep my commissions open, so my thread can go months at a time without being posted on.  But I like being able to reuse the same thread come breaks or summer, because I wrote a lot of introductions, forms, examples, explanations, etc. that would be a pain to redo.

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1:39pm Jun 18 2011

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No supper for... the same reasons. xD

And, someone may spend hours trying to find an old thread, only to find it's been deleted.

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