Adding Seconds To Pet Auctions

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5:53am Jun 9 2011

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Just a small suggestion, but in regards to this thread here:


I think there should be a seconds timer added to pet auctions. Since auctions do not end at the exact time they claim to, ex. an auction saying it ends at 16:02 but actually ending closer to 16:03 they should be more specific with it and have it ending at 16:02:45.

Pet auctions have always been frustrating and confusing for me in the past when they don't end exactly right, and apparently I'm not the only one. xD

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6:44am Jun 9 2011

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I actually kinda like it the way it is now oAO

If an auction has a set end time then the winner is almost certain to be the person with the faster internet connection or browser...etc. and they'd probably win every single auction.

So I think having the auctions the way they are at the moment creates chances for other people. :x

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11:13am Jun 11 2011


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Yes please ;O;


5:33pm Jun 11 2011


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The problem with adding seconds is that it would likely put us right back where we were before, with three people "winning" but only one receiving the pet and two not getting their TU back, for example.


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