a use for painted eggs and a new color.

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12:59pm May 17 2011 (last edited on 12:38pm May 19 2011)

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i think painted eggs should be hatchable, but only into one color, painted color!! or something similar.
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4:26pm May 17 2011

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I dont think that that will work cuz they are some people that have omni or kioka painted egg, and that might ruin their value.But i support this idea if we are able to hatch only ordanary and sesonal painted eggs.And maybe some credit shop eggs.


1:03am May 18 2011

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No suport. It is just more work for the res artists. Anyway, we have enough colours as it is.


4:51pm May 18 2011


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That would take away the purpose of trying really hard to get or hatch good colours D: Albinos would be way more common and easier to get.

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5:21pm May 18 2011

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How the heck would that make albinos easier to get? she said it hatches into a seperate color


8:16pm May 18 2011

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My problem with this is that the painted eggs were painted because they never hatched. They're duds.

'Grandma Phyllis gave us a paint kit for Easter so we could paint old Creatu eggs that never hatched,' said Toby when he first came to us last year.

Pretty sure the deion under the original painted Credit Shop egg pack said the same thing. That, sadly, they never hatched - so they were painted instead.

'Sides that, eggs have pores in them that allow the embryo to breathe. Even if you painted an egg that could still hatch, you'd be killing it. I know we're kind of dealing with fantasy here, but still. A painted egg is a dead egg, no matter how you look at it.

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