A common issue about Emo's.

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9:32pm Mar 5 2011

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Well, techincally, I'm here to discuss the topic of self-mutilation in role-plays. I understand that there is a rule about PG topics, and that graphic violance is not allowed, but it has continuesly come to my attention that in some role-plays, self-mutilation is included, and it usually involved in role-plays involving emos.

The term emo originally came from a music genre called Emotive hardcore, which was created from the hardcore punk movement in the 1980's. This music often included emotional song lyrics, usually confessional.

The suicide/cutting part of Emotive hardcore arrised when young teenager Hannah Bond commited suicide. She had told her parents that her cutting had been a part of an emo-cult initiation ceremony. She had an apparent obsession with My Chemical Romance. Ever since then, people have *censored*ociated this.. ridiculous concept that Emo's are emotional, suicidal dark people, who are focused on suicide and death.

Yes, they are emotional and sensitive, but self-mutilation has always been in existence, used in many cultures and civilizations. I mean, many of these ancient people sacrificed living humans to their gods, cutting out their still beating hearts, which is what the Inca people did. What about that? That was wrong, but that doesn't make someone who does that an Inca.

Why is it that everyone who self-mutilates are stereotyped as Emo? Why does it have to be an issue? I've seen many arguements about this arise on many sites, and its become quite disturbing. People will make role-plays about emos, and its seems as if cutting or suicide is always brought up.

So are you saying that if your dead brother commited suicide, that he was emo? That if your sister cuts, she's emo? What about you for that matter? Yes, it is a problem, but that is NOT what emo is. I'd like this topic discussed to be put as a rule in various places, such as the role-playing board.

Self-mutilation and suicide should NOT be discussed or role-played. It is a serious problem, and many are included in those categories, even people on this site. It is both unappealing and offensive to many, as well as an innappropriate topic on a site for people under 13.

Anyone who cares to argue about this can take it up with myself over rmail, but believe me, some parents will see this going on and will not be happy, so stop this issue before it all happens, because seriously, is it worth talking about?

Also, think about all the people who are trying to stop these issues. By role-playing it out, we are literally saying that it is not an issue, even when the role-play is trying to stop it in some way or another. This is NOT okay to talk about. So please, take action and try to stop all this talk, because we are the only influences on those younger then us.

Thank you so much for anyone who supports my cause, and help me end all of this drama.


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9:53pm Mar 16 2011

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I support.

I completely understand, and those who type about such a hideous topic would scare me because they have probably thought about that themselves.  :x

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10:48pm Mar 16 2011


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Please report any threads in which you see self-mutilation being roleplayed. This is extremely unhealthy and it has no place on the site.

No users will be banned for it at this point, but they will be notified via rmail that this type of RP is not appropriate at all.

Thank you SO much for bringing this to our attention! 


9:59pm Jun 8 2011

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You're very welcome! I just have seen this as an issue, and it scares a lot of people, as well as frightens parents and children. I just wanted to take some sort of action.

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3:59pm Jun 18 2011

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I think I love you.
You pretty much summed up my words, but with eloquence.

 I must add; I pick scabs, but that does not make me emo.


6:21pm Jun 19 2011

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Sui- Your very correct. It scares people and influences younger kids. Glad you said something.

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7:19am Jun 20 2011

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Whoa. This never became an issue for me, I've never read about self-harming in roleplays - well, except for one, and that was full of ridiculous angst - but you've helped me become aware of it now.
Thanks for posting, I support. :) 


1:22pm Jun 20 2011 (last edited on 1:25pm Jun 20 2011)

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Support. Thank you so much for bringing this up. And, while we're on the subject, emo does not automatically mean that that person harms him/herself.

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3:41pm Jun 21 2011

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Sadly, most people who self-sterotype themselve's as emo think that they are emo because they "enjoy the pain".

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11:55pm Jun 25 2011

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Prinxess that's simply called masochistic or sadistic. That has nothing to do with being emo. I am "goth" or as people have labeled me. But I don't wear super dark make up and black all the time. I hate that people think emotive hardcore is like that, when it really isn't. People think its funny to "slice their wrists" as a joke. I find it degrading and simply, very stupid and immature. When I see a person do that, the only thing I can think of is how sick and disturbed they are. I literally just want to yell and scream at them because they are so idiotic to think of that. 

And to be honest, I've had a bad past with it. Both with being threatened, and because of my ex friend, whom terrified me with her extreme self-mutilation, and it is absolutely horrifying to see. I doubt a lot of people have seen what I saw, and for that, I have to say, that these people are in an emotional pitfall and don't know how to get out of it.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by a loving family, loving friends and a fantastic boyfriend(StrangeWayzz), as well as best friend, whom you all know as Webaweba. Because of them, I have recovered and have been clean for almost five months. 

All these people need are love, acceptance, and help. If they got that, they would be better, as I am now.

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