2 (or 3) different Roleplay sub-forums

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1:50am May 14 2011

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Roleplay would be the main forum, with the standard forum guidelines and warnings and what not by the staff then maybe 3 sub-forums.

1. A forum just for pure roleplay. Like actual roleplay, not just planning or anything.

2. Another for searching for specific roleplays (like how people are searching for 1x1, small groups, etc). It doesn't have to be limited to just those examples; it can be for specific genre searches too.

3. Another for miscellaneous things concerning roleplay; maybe character "skins/bios/fleshes". Or roleplay help. Or some type of assistance with an idea for a character type/deion/appearance.

I mean, doesn't anyone else think that the Roleplay forums are a bit too cluttered, with the constant bumping.

I think it could be a bit more organized. D:

Feel free to "no support" this. Most likely a staff member would pop up in here saying that this will be part of the forum updates in V3. xD;

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8:59pm May 20 2011

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Sounds good. Reminds me of Teripets slightly, except they had a single thread where you would go to find a one on one as to not spam the entire board. And the fact that one on ones happened through the mail...

Anyways... I support it.

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9:26pm May 20 2011

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Yay~. I really had no other thoughts of other virtual pet sites when I thought of that. o.o

I was only thinking about convenience.

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1:43pm May 21 2011

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I agree.  This is the age of RP, and there are so many threads there...

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5:36pm May 21 2011

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Yah, definite support. The one board worked well when there were less players here, but now.. it just gets a little crazy. xD


7:35pm May 21 2011

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I'm going to admit that I actually love our current situation, which is just a huge area. I myself don't find it cluttered (though I do rely on F3 quite a bit XD) and I dunno how I would take the change. o_o

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