~The Bank Idea~

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12:05am Jun 26 2011

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My idea is simply this.
To be able to have one more account in the bank.
Simply put, this means that with a certain amount of TU or the ability to buy in the credit shop, and extra account for saving, goals, ect. 
I realize this could be a problem with cheaters, or something, which is why you would have to pay over 2,500,000 TU to buy it or have to spend 100 credits to buy in the credit shop. I know this will probably not be accepted, and I'll probably get negative comments, but I wanted to give it a try, so can you guys please try not to bash me too hard for this?
I am just merely curious about it, and wanting to ask about it. I think it would help a lot, and I know it would certainly help those of us who find it hard not to spend the TU we are saving up.
Now how would this work you ask?
You would be able to lock it with a PIN number, as like before, so that you will be less likely to use it. Or make a lock on it, so that you can't get to it as easily, in case of an emergency of some sort. 

As I've said, please don't bash me too much for this D: It's simply an idea, I don't want to be bashed for having an idea.

Let me know your thoughts 8D 

Love, SuiSui. 

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7:30am Jun 28 2011


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I don't really understand what you mean,
would you mind clarifying?


5:34pm Jun 28 2011

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I think she means a savings account. Is that right sui?

12:36pm Jun 29 2011

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no, i think their talking about haveing multiple bank accounts

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