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11:41pm Oct 29 2021 (last edited on 11:54pm Oct 29 2021)


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Rescreatu’s team has been working hard to provide new and fun events. We would love your feedback so we can keep improving and giving you all what you would like to see :) 

Please comment below with feedback from any recent events, both positive and negative! We are always striving to make Rescreatu a better place, so we always welcome honesty and constructive feedback! 

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11:45pm Oct 29 2021


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Creatu carnival:

- would be cool for the rides and shows to have some sort of animation to look forward to instead of just Polaroid added to scrapbook 


11:52pm Oct 29 2021


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Halloween 2021:

- ToT option on user profile was nice for ease of use
- I like the milestone rewards introduced to encourage participation 


12:10am Oct 30 2021 (last edited on 12:36am Oct 30 2021)

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Creatu carnival:

- Wish the rides and shows would have had some sort of basic animation instead of pictures for a scrapbook (I do like the scrapbook idea, but I didn’t feel it was worth it on this event).
- loved the games!! Thought the time limit and prizes were reasonable!
- Very much enjoyed doing the event to get the tickets for the shows, but the pay off was lacking in terms of the amount of items/time/ tu it took to get everything for the tickets (only to find you could buy them all with tickets)
- prizes were cool and easy to get (got them all! :))
- fortune teller was fun! I enjoyed the color change chance. I wasn’t very happy with getting the 10 carnival tickets again and again though (maybe do 20 so you aren’t wasting an hour for the same result)
I enjoyed the quests where we found items to make funnel cake and other items!
Overall, I enjoyed the event but maybe if we do this event or others similar, communication between the staff and users would be key. I know it wasn’t really staffs fault but it was like a 50/50 chance we could have our tickets roll over.


12:31am Oct 30 2021 (last edited on 10:40pm Nov 11 2021)

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I enjoyed the Carnival on most aspects, the games were fun. The prizes were great. I also enjoyed that you could do quests to get some of the items from the carnival from the vendors. None of it was too difficult and the amount of tickets for prizes seemed pretty balanced as it wasn't difficult to acquire most if not all of them. Out of most of the events I really enjoyed the Carnival as a new event; I loved all the art, the aesthetic, and nearly everything about it.

However, I agree that there needs to be a better communication for events though, agreeing with Secrets it's not the staff's fault but during most events there doesn't seem to be much communication (though staff don't know anymore then the users do it seems so not their fault) but if Staff was more let in the "know" about events it would make communication better, I was seeing mixed messages as well on ticket's rolling over while other's saying it wouldn't some saying they didn't know. I always tend to ask staff questions about events, but then have to remind myself they don't know anymore then I do usually. Just wish there was better communication during events, or that staff  was let into the "know" so they could answer questions any user may have on anything along the way of the event.

I also agree with the hype up to the shows was a bit much for what we got. Any basic animation would have been better then saying "You're pet seen the magic show!" While the Scrapbook is a good concept, and neat, as a achievement tracker it would have been neat to see some basic animation or something for the show's you and your pet are witnessing it's sort of breaks the Story immersion a bit but I know Res has always been more on the Text Based side of things for quests/stuff and I get animation can be tricky to implement in some cases.

12:43am Oct 30 2021 (last edited on 12:54am Oct 30 2021)

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Halloween 2021 (so far):
- Love the new storyline style. I can read at whatever pace I like and go back and re-read if I either missed something or just want a refresher.

- As always with egg hunts, I'd honestly prefer a much shorter timer but one I can pause/unpause rather than the 48 hour one because it's so hard to find a 48 hour window where I've got the time I want to dedicate to hunting. I'd rather spread it out over a few days for a few hours a day.

- Could have used a bit more time for the art contest. It's not really affecting me because I can't do art for the life of me, so even if I do enter it won't be anything impressive no matter how long I get, but I know that a week isn't very long for a well-made contest entry, especially if people happen to be busy that week

- I've never liked the Valentine's style of ToT. The old Halloween version (with buttons on online user profiles) was infinitely better. Even with lower milestones, at most, with perfect timing and being awake 24/7 you can get 48 items/day this way (realistically at most you're getting 30 if you're lucky and can spare the entire day for refreshing on this site at exactly 30 minute intervals, meaning not going to work and stuff). There are 101 possible tricks (not even counting treats) and it's all RNG, which means inevitably you won't get the individual items most likely. With this method, you're also at the mercy of what other users need to finish their own milestones. With the old method, at least users that might not have as much time to play still had a chance at getting enough items to collect them all and still turn in many to the lair to get THOSE new items because it could just be done in bulk a couple times a day. Honestly, I've always wished Valentine's would swap to the old Halloween method of ToT (if we still need milestones, maybe just "number of users interacted with" or something).

Edit: the math is a little different with 20 minute intervals, but the point of RNG, having to find someone that needs the right thing, and the complete inaccessibility of it to anyone that has things like family/work (as opposed to the old method which didn't require you to dedicate your entire day to achieve anything) still makes this method far inferior in my opinion. In fact, lowering the timer makes it even harder for people to actually hit it right every time because that's even less time in between to go about their lives. There's no good way to balance this system because the shorter the timer, the more people that can't be at the computer all day are doomed but the longer it is the less items can be obtained in a day.


1:42am Oct 30 2021


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Creatu Carnival:

The Carnival was fun, but being that I couldn't get all the items, it was hard to stay motivated for it. I know most users aren't completion-ists, but as a user who is an item collector more so than a creatu collector, items are really the draw for me. I can get any creatu eventually, since there are no truly retired eggs or colors. But items are limited, and the more users that join who need them the scarcer they get. I need things for my gallery, the Squishy shelf, the library, the closet, etc. And then on top of it all, I need extra food items for nourishment points for a lot of different pets for Explore, same with books and intelligence points. So being unable to get all the items from an event can be disheartening. Even if the carnival comes back every year, there's no guarantee which items will return.



I really don't like the 30 minute ToT timer. It's now given a hard cap on the items a user can obtain. We're limited to 48 a day, and that's only if you do it exactly on the 30 minute marks, and if you don't sleep. (Edit, the 20 minute timer is better, but that still keeps us to 72 a day at most). Realistically, most users won't get more than 10-20 ToT items a day.

And with the ToT items being tied to the Lair, that's not really ideal. I greatly prefer the method from last year. With being able to ToT a user once a day when they're online, the cap on items is limited to how many users log in in 24 hours. At time of writing, the 'Last 24 Hours' user count was 316. That is drastically higher than 48 or 72. Granted, it's unlikely a single user would be able to ToT everyone who was online, but the potential for ToT items was much higher.

Edit 2: Adding in the ToT items into the daily rewards was a good help

1:47am Oct 30 2021

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The carnival whilst I felt was beautiful in art, I had no idea what was really going on with it. I think knowing dates when it was coming and going, heads up when games closed, and maybe some more depth around the whole thing would've been nice :) 
I enjoyed it but it did also feel a little bit rushed and vague, it has heaps of potential if refined and  honed.

Halloween has been super exciting so far, I like the story depth, the effort in the new items, the spooky tainted apples and things, I really enjoy the shortened timer and the curse RE, and love how there is plenty to do, I'm finding for the first time since Feb that I'm actually sitting down intently on res with hundreds of tabs open, flitting between all of the things to do. Keep it up!

1:54am Oct 30 2021

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I know this has been a staple for a long while but. If there can be another way to earn seasonal eggs? The neverending grind of ctrl+a for hours on end gets physically painful 😵
Wolfs idea on a pause for the 48 timer would be amazing. I feel I have to dedicate that 48 hour timeframe (which, for an event lasting this long, is tiny) to grinding on Res.. not good for my wrists lmao

Speaking to the carnival, I share in sentiments on the scrapbook reward. I think after that long wait for the two final attractions, Rides and Shows, the outcome would be more a jpeg. (for lack of better phrasing) Personally wouldnt have much sentiment with something like that, and a digital scrapbooking feature ultimately wouldnt be my thing. i'd need more of an incentive, item/tu wise.
I very much enjoyed the games however! Im really feeling the lack of RC sources now, though.

Good move with adding the ToT items to daily rewards. I still much preferred the system in place last year. for immersions sake, honestly- going to each users profile for rewards felt akin to visiting their homes on Halloween. This new way of picking users from a list, then waiting.. and more of that, just isnt as fun, purely. timers aside- though that 10 min decrease was a good step.


11:54am Oct 30 2021 (last edited on 11:17am Nov 10 2021)

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Trick or Treating:

Edited for clarification:

Rescreatu is not what you would call an expansive game. There is not typically much to do other than buy/trade/quest/explore. So, in a typical day, doing everything for the daily rewards, a player may take 2 hours without distractions. Or, 14 hours in one week. 20 in a 10 day period.

You have 50 tricks and 50 treats in Outgoing... which proved to be the more difficult set of tier rewards to obtain due to the 20 minute time limit.

20 minutes is 3 times an hour. You need 100 total outgoing (if they all return what you need to finish). So that means you are trick or treating 3 times an hour for OVER 30 hours in a period of 10 and a half days.

That's almost a full time job. 

And yes, I will criticize those who offered a tu reward for incoming trick or treaters. Not because I can't afford to do the same, but because its not in the spirit of the holiday. What is supposed to be FUN is a grind that takes twice the amount of time I want to put into a site.

And yes, people work full time. They can't get on the site to put in the hours. Same for staff members who have ALWAYS been at a disadvantage in site events where time is concerned. 

Also, if you don't speak in the shoutbox, you do not get incoming requests a majority of the time. I got lucky that a particular person spammed me while offline. Probably because she heard me complain, which I will do when something eats my time away like this. I can't live by a timer. It just doesn't work for me. I already have 3 other schedules to live by. Leave my ME time for ME!

The Lair:

With the way Trick or Treating is now set up, you have made it impossible for new users to use the Lair reliably. Older users will be getting new items from the Lair by using old event items. Sure, you can get some things from exploring during egg hunts, but you're talking hours of refreshing for a handful of items.
Tedium, thy name is Rescreatu.

Update: I got more rabid pumpkins and oni masks from the lair than anything else. These should be removed from the lair, or made rarer, or even make it permissible to recycle them back into the lair.

Rabid Pumpkin Breakdown:
Blue Rabid Pumpkin: In game - 716 / Owned - 8
Green Rabid Pumpkin: In game - 799 / Owned - 10
Orange Rabid Pumpkin: In game - 814 / Owned - 6
Pink Rabid Pumpkin: In game - 861 / Owned - 9
Purple Rabid Pumpkin: In game - 873 / Owned - 8
Red Rabid Pumpkin: In game - 860 / Owned - 14
White Rabid Pumpkin: In game- 880 / Owned - 12

Oni Mask Breakdown:

Kayoki Oni Mask: In game - 2,377 / Owned - 5
Myotis Oni Mask: In game - 2,509 / Owned - 8
Veram Oni Mask: In game - 2,437 / Owned - 16
Zaphao Oni Mask: In game - 2,336 / Owned - 10

Other Common Items: 

Blade of the Stars: In game - 992 / Owned - 10

Granted, a few of these are from events past, but I haven't played an event for 2 or three years and these were some of the original lair rewards. 

Also noted that there are Leverene and Vogar Oni Masks that do not appear to be obtainable by the lair with only a bit over 200 on site each.

Why is Blade of the Stars a Halloween item? Its pretty. I like it. But, huh?

Food items and such, those are okay to get. Squishies too. But most things don't do ANYTHING of value. Sure, you can play with a rabid pumpkin, but it has no benefit unlike food. And who the heck needs a closet full of the same outfit (masks)?

Honestly, if you need them for collection, I'm pretty sure they're gonna be easily obtainable by now.

The Plot:


Oh no, something terrible is happening! Well, maybe it's terrible... Can you go test this by throwing away the items you get from ToTing every 20 minutes? You don't have to if you don't want to. Oh, looks like a spell will clear this up and everything will be fine. The Xisters might know. Oh yes, they do. All good now. It really wasn't that terrible at all!

So this is constructive criticism, and no offense is intended, but this is exactly what the plot felt like. While I enjoyed having the story in one place to review, it was rather... boring. No meeting at certain places, no choices to make, being told exactly what I was doing or saying... 

It started out interesting with tension, then hit a brick wall. Dead stop. 

I like the story in one place for sure, but I would rather I had actually participated in the plot rather than read about what I did when I had absolutely zero choice. Plus, the pop up at the very end is nice rather than just a notice at the end of a page.

The Art:

Excellent. I can't express how pleased I am with the new items. Particularly the tainted apples. Though I do WISH we'd had more time to try to find the new Pumpkin Apple before the apple tree changed. 

Once the event was ending, the Purified Apples were a joy to get, and then the other apples came back and I managed to find the elusive Pumpkin Apple again. Very happy. I have no idea why the apples are such a thing for me, but they are. The new items in the shops and other tainted items were also wonderful.

And I love the new avatars too.

"How sad the world is when everyone holds out their hand when you have something to offer, then withdraws it when you are in need."

8:31pm Oct 30 2021

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Halloween 2021: TOT
I'm so unpopular during valentine that i could not get all the items. I appreciate a voting system before any major changes are implemented or risk being accused of being whiny or ungrateful. Please respect people has different tolerance to changes. Thank you.

10:15am Oct 31 2021

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New Halloween 2021 point:
Why can the shopkeepers be "out of candy" and why does that count as our ToT with them for the 20 minutes? That absolutely is unnecessary.


10:14pm Oct 31 2021 (last edited on 11:12pm Nov 11 2021)

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Halloween so far might add more later: I do like the new way the story is being implemented over what it was like previously. And I'm glad the milestone numbers were brought down from what they were at valentine's much more manageable.

Edit: Also love the new glow in the egg hunts, very helpful.

Edit 2: (11/11/21) : It did feel very uncomfortable to vote on the contests this year with it not being anonymous. And I can see how people would have had hurt feelings or a feeling of dejection with no one voting for their hard work and seeing votes in real time. On another note I wish the points you get for the Xisters if they are to be working with each other each year (Which I like when they are, I don't know if this will be a forever thing.) Counted for both prize shops instead of having to divide points between their shops.

The Lair is frustrating, I wish we could turn the items we don't want that we get from it back into it. It's a pain going through and deleting all the rabid pumpkins, and other duplicates constantly. Or tweak it a bit, adjust something, in one sitting I turned in atleast 200-250 items I found in the egg hunting an got none of the new items. Most were rabid pumpkins. Then I had to go and delete them all from my inventory in mass (Duplicates & Rabid Pumpkins). I understand why all the old stuff can't be removed because then getting the new stuff would be too easy, and we'd get piles of those items too and there was only a handful of new items as it was. But it needs some sort of adjustment more frequent gives, and maybe able to turn back in items we don't want? Just something.

After reading some of the leaderboard suggestions I do like the idea of there being milestone stuff at certain point values. That way if someone does turn in alot of high color pets, or eggs, or invest alot of time and TU they are getting some sort of prize or compensation for reaching key milestones instead of coming out with nothing at all. I don't think it would hurt the actual prize at the end of the leaderboard by having milestone prizes because the main prize would still be valuable with 20-25 being handed. And I've always liked the spring event (Flower hand in) because of the fact it has milestone awards to unlock at certain points, it also encourages people to reach goals and turn things in and unlock these achievements for themselves and it can be quite gratifying, least to me.

I think Halloween has a good suggestion in maybe not announcing the prizes for the leaderboards? So that it's a mystery at the end of the day for everyone involved? I can see how it might not be a loved concept by all that want to know what they're working toward, or what the reward is. To decide if they want it, or don't want it, if it's worth their time and investment, or not. If they like it or don't. But I think a surprise at the end of the day to everyone would probably be equally as fair. I remember one year the Flower Leaderboard was like this, the prize wasn't announced that I remember until after it was all completed.

10:39am Nov 2 2021 (last edited on 10:08am Nov 3 2021)

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Halloween 2021

ToT: I am new to this site so I am unfamiliar with previous years but I am finding it hard to get these rewards as a new user. I see people who know eachother partnering up but those who are not close with someone getting left out. 
I do not enjoy the idea of relying on someone else to get YOUR rewards.

Maybe the ToT system can auto turn off your light once you get all your incoming rewards that way the people who are shown left are the ones who actually need the incoming tot.

11:05am Nov 2 2021 (last edited on 3:06pm Nov 5 2021)

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Halloween 2021:( as of now)

-Happy they brought back the sister’s leaderboard and that they are pairing up again to make it easier for users on the board. Still a shame, both shops have different points based on which sister you give to. Like ebilia sister has 100 points and jaaku sister has 80 points you can spend on item(s), but it shows 180 on board. Most of the items are similar, so not sure why this was done.

- Happy they brought back the ebilia bone flip. The game is easy to play and allows a few extra points on the leaderboard if you get the brooms.

- Enjoyed the NPC trick or treat option per 20(30?)minutes. (Some said that some npcs had no more candy that round, so they had to wait another 20 minutes to try again. Only had this happen once but it can stink if it happens often.)

- Big fan of the new undead. Happy to see we can get the curse of undead easier this year. You got the tot bit, the lair, and the egg hunts that allow you to get ahold of the undead effect. Very much appreciated!!

- Happy the aura were easier to get this year than having to hope you get on the leaderboard.

- Honestly surprised we stuck to the egg hunts again this year. I thought these egg hunt formate was gonna change this year. I like it this way but I can see how it might annoy or make people bored with clicking every time. I do like the idea of maybe allowing for a 10-12 hour for both egg hunts but we are allowed to pause it and come back. 48 hours is nice if you don’t sleep or don’t have a job, but most of the time I spend about 10 ish hours per egg hunt since I sleep and get headaches or back pain when I take a break.

EDIT!! That green circle around the items and eggs were so helpful!!! Please keep it for other egg hunts if we continue to do this formate.

- happy staff brought back costume items and are doing that discount! I was happy that other items could be found in npc that were cheap and well worth the tu. Still yet to see that x-ray bag in cain’s shop yet!

- I enjoyed entering the Halloween contests (so happy it returned!) and felt rmailing my link to the right user was easy to do. I got a fast response time to let me know that it was seen and approved. Staff was also very helpful and answered all my questions in a timely manner! (Thank you crow and shark!!)

- love what was done with the apple tree. Poor tree! The new apples are cool and will totally be collected by me!

- I see something on the database that I will not spoil or comment on till I see it, but from what I am seeing, I am very happy!

My biggest complaint is the new way of TOTing this year. I am happy it is easier to do than the valentines but it seems users are still having issues. I am pleased to see that it was moved from 30 minutes to 20 minutes but the event is still hard if you are new, unpopular, or if you don’t have a buddy system. I feel like we should go back to the old way of TOT where we went on people’s profiles and did it that way. That way we can choose if we want to be tricked or treated. This would also allow new items to be obtained instead of guessing if I will get the item I need. The daily reward with 10 Halloween items was nice but that could only help so much when the lair eats it up and gives nothing. Maybe do 30 items like it used to be with food.


10:54am Nov 3 2021 (last edited on 10:25am Nov 6 2021)

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Further thoughts on Halloween 2021:

More on pauses on timers:
- Reduced timer (12 hours?)
- Be able to pause with no limits (as many times and as often as you want)
- If there is time remaining after a set cutoff date, you lose the time (so people can't hoard it for 6 months)

Bone Flip: As always, I enjoy the ability to play this game and I LOVE how the timer for it works compared to other event timers. It flips at the 30 minute mark as opposed to when you last used it. That's what I was PRAYING for in the carnival. Timers based on real time (every 20 or 30 or whatever minutes, so at :00, :20, :40, etc) rather than "last time you interacted." I wouldn't mind if every timer (for regular activity games or anything else) acted like this. It'd just be so much better overall.

The Lair: Every year this gets worse and worse. The odds are so high to get nothing that it's frustrating and every year there are more and more items so the chance at getting the item you want if you do manage to get something gets lower and lower. (this is also true for ToT. At the time of this writing I've received 125 tricks and I still don't have the Amateur Ivik Squishy).


3:06pm Nov 5 2021

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Maybe a Solution to TOT if we do this again like valentines!

A lot of users either are not allowed on the sb or they don’t know what other users want useless they email them which might take forever!

I feel it would be so helpful if when you are browsing on a user to gift a trick or treat or a valentines; that it shows you the amount of tricks or treats they have.. they should also be able to have a button next to their light that says if they are looking for a trick or treat (can switch this when they want a trick instead) and also be able to say if they are giving out tricks today. This way we users know what we are in for and we don’t need to view the sb or Rmail to make sure.

Near trick or treat buttons:
Sam trick:20/50
         Treat: 45/50
Near lantern:
Today will you: trick.  Treat (click one/highlight one)
Today I will be giving out: trick. Treat (click one/highlight one)


10:19pm Nov 5 2021


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Subbing ;3


3:38pm Nov 8 2021

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Halloween 2021:
overall a great event fun and a bit competitive.major plus on the added time and glowing items made it so much easier

3:44pm Nov 8 2021


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I really do not like the way contests were set up, voting-wise. I think two major things happened;

 - Not as many people are voting because it's not anonymous, you're sticking your name to a vote which, in theory, whatever, but in practice... It could cause backlash among friend groups, even if it is anonymous, or people just don't want to not be known in voting.

- People are getting very very disheartened seeing that their stuff isn't getting votes. This can and will lower participation in future events if this is how we do them going forward -- I've seen at least one other person get upset and I, personally, never really try at HA contests because they all end up samey but knowing I'm not getting voted for kinda stings lol.

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