V3 New glitches

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8:10am Jul 22 2015 (last edited on 8:14am Jul 22 2015)

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Hi. I'm just confused as to why I 'don't have' a pair of black easero wings that I'm clearly wearing at the moment? I'm trying to send them to a friend because she has been so kind to me, and I can't access them in my clothing rack, although I can in my wardrobe. I've been suspectedly hacked after a long period of time off Rescreatu...  Thx! ^-^

I haven\'t been around for years! I\'m sorry, but I\'m back now (:

11:42am Jul 22 2015 (last edited on 4:03pm Jul 22 2015)

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send in a support ticket, sometimes clothes get a bit stuck and need to be reset.


12:57pm Jul 22 2015

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Okay, thx! 

I haven\'t been around for years! I\'m sorry, but I\'m back now (:

10:12am Dec 30 2015

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i have an allbino ezahni creatu squishy in my inventory and the npc shop and squishy quest both say that i dont own one, i bought another one and it still says that i dont own any. made me lose my level on the squishy quest because even tho i had 2, it didnt think i had any.

6:21pm Dec 30 2015

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do you have two tabs open when you do the quest??

one tab to find the items you need and the other tab for the quest hand in page?

(i've had issues with that before) 

If not might be best to send in a support ticket
Rmail > support ticket tab 

include as much information as you can :D 


5:53pm Apr 1 2016

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I have a trance elibia tail and most of the time the back layer is missing (part that comes from waist


2:49am Apr 2 2016

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try this,

going your wardrobe and click the tail's image in the HA slots. 

A little window will pop with Z-index=
Del Apply and Ok 

above thesethere will be a side ways scroll bar, scroll to the side and you'll see the other layers for that clothing item. try playing with the Z index layer for those layers


2:05pm Aug 8 2016

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Undead Azure Mirabilis image not loading on my lists nor in my show room. I raised Undead called Marvelment from grave yard on 08 08 216. It also shows as " not a colour for my creatu " but it is in the Pet Directory.
thanks Albion

Exploring .... need a compass ...

8:41am Aug 10 2016 (last edited on 8:45am Aug 10 2016)

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I've had a day partially lapsed over twice now without it being the proper time for it to do so. It happened yesterday at some point causing my enchanted spring to be reset and my creatu to gain a day of age. When this happens the glitch allows me to do a few games, like apple tree, the enchanted spring, alphabet soup, random tu and the twuntie cay again the first day. The first time this happened I wasn't sure it had actually done it, but I now know for sure that the day partially lapsed because I took a swim in the enchanted springs yesterday. My selected creatu was also 22 yesterday and is now 24 today.


10:56pm Aug 10 2016

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The alerts page is lagging. Other pages are fine.

6:44pm Feb 2 2018

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it does not show my clothes whenever i post

3:47am Mar 27 2018

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Every time I try to buy from a shop, the NPC says


The CAPTCHA code you entered is incorrect.!
 Is this supposed to happen? 
Or is it just me?

8:53pm Jul 1 2018

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when I feed my pet it says errou your dead

ryan was here

2:47pm Sep 30 2019

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All my eggs are missing and new ones aren't showing up either. I had a bunch of seasonal and spoiled eggs but none are showing at all. 


8:31am Oct 4 2019

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I accidentally put the Reiflem star map in my gallery and I can't find it now ;;
I haven't been able to participate in the event because of it ;;
Is there a way I can find it/get it back ?
Is it supposed to be a clothing item ? Because, it didn't show up in my wardrobe when I first got it-- 

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2:48pm Oct 4 2019 (last edited on 2:50pm Oct 4 2019)


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You can get to your gallery by clicking the little dog icon next to the egg icon up top ^.^

EDIT: oops that's the showroom. BRB finding the url for you.

EDIT2: Okay you don't have a gallery set up yet. Did you possibly put it in storage? You can access the storage via a link found in the bank.


10:13pm Dec 21 2019

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My avatar's shirt keeps randomly dissappearing, especially in the wardrobe.

9:24pm Feb 17 2020

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I bought an alternative Mystic Mane for 2mil. I've only used it once and ever since, I have never seen it. It is not in my wardrobe, closet, clothes rack or anything.

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