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11:17pm May 31 2020 (last edited on 12:55pm Jun 1 2020)

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There is currently a unnamed shop (or maybe more than one) making users unable to click into their shop to purchase their items. 

For example, Stuffed Pasta Shell is currently listed by an unnamed shop for 25,000 TU. 

Although I don't believe the player in question is maliciously doing this (and probably wondering why no one is purchasing their items), an unnamed shop can be potentially exploited by deceiving users, especially new users, who follow or price according to the Least Expensive guideline into selling high valued items for much cheaper than they are worth that it can be considered scamming, manipulate prices through deflation in general, and overall a nuisance and annoying. 

It is different from users who purposefully price expensive items cheaply because they are actually looking to sell their items, while users who are looking to exploit others can purposefully price items cheaply without risking selling/losing their items because they had no intention to actually sell in the first place for said price. 

A solution would be to require at least 2 unique characters for Merchant Shop names or make spaces clickable.

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