Preemptive Daily Reward Alert

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6:33am Nov 8 2019 (last edited on 6:35am Nov 8 2019)

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It appears the alert is occasionally a little trigger happy in getting sent. Not a huge deal, just a bit annoying
That 98% is to the first reward.

Edit: I then got a second alert at 2019-11-08 06:34:12 when I ACTUALLY reached the prize.


8:21am Nov 8 2019

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Yeah, I get this too sometimes, and it always seems to trigger at 98% when it happens.


6:40pm Nov 28 2019

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same dfhDIOSfgEIOSh

ryan was here

4:55pm Apr 20 2020

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ditto. at 98 or 99%, usually when I accept a new squishy quest. it seems it calculates the action as completed upon beginning the quest, not completing it.


6:46pm Apr 28 2020

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It just happened to me again too. It's not often and I don't remember what I was doing the previous times but today I was doing the quests.
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