Getting Secret Avatars Triggers Daily Reward Alert W/O Getting Reward

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1:11pm Oct 15 2020 (last edited on 1:13pm Oct 15 2020)

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Last night (after reset, so 1 am EST/12 AM site time), I was trying to get my daily reward bar up some to get the extra hatch and then the 5 million tu barter token, so I decided I'd see what secret avatars I was missing to get some easy-peasy experience for the daily reward bar. 

I did the embarrassed squishy one and the rubber ducky one since I noticed I was missing them and both times I used the toy with my creatu, I got an alert that I could claim my daily reward. When I checked, though, the bar had only went up some and I couldn't actually claim it. I thought nothing of it and went to bed since it was pretty late my time but I figured it was worth bringing up. 

Here's the alerts! You can see it says 3:16 AM site time and then 3:20 AM, nearly back-to-back, because of using the squishy and duck. 

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