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8:38am Jan 24 2021

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So, I recently hatched out a fieron, and the hatch screen said it was a natural male fieron. I was genuinely happy just to have one and got curious what its hatch colors are, and found that mine was not natural, but silver. I am still not unhappy, but no matter what page or how I view my pet, it still says he is natural colored. Is this a bug?

5:32pm Jan 24 2021 (last edited on 5:35pm Jan 24 2021)


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Your pet looks natural to me! (assuming it's the one on your profile) Could you possibly be mistaking it for silver because the color for a winter Feiron is pretty similar to silver? Feirons have different color schemes for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The natural Feiron on the creatu species page I believe is the Summer variant.
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