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11:13am Mar 25 2021 (last edited on 11:20am Mar 25 2021)

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So I'm trying to sell Skaldyr eggs and a Tesuri egg, but I cannot get the drop box to display anything other than 0 in any of the columns. I just freshly collected these eggs and they are in my hatchery. Unsure of why this is happening, but I noticed it about a month ago too - I had just forgotten about it until now. 

Edit on this too: Refreshing the page allowed me to select the Skaldyr eggs but not the Tesuri egg, however when I clicked 'sell' the marketplace gave me an error and said I do not have those eggs to sell?

At first I was thinking it was because they were incubating but I was able to list Draqua eggs and Goiba eggs that are freshly incubating? As well as Sirleon eggs I just listed. I am confused why I can't list the Skaldyr or Tesuri eggs when I know I own them. 


10:27am Mar 27 2021

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Oh yeah, I'm experiencing this too. I managed to list 2 Chimby eggs but when I tried to sell an Intes egg I got an error.
On my end it seems like it doesn't detect if I have less than 2 eggs, otherwise it shows normally and I can sell them.


9:51pm May 5 2021

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I am also having this problem. I can only sell if I have 2+ eggs

5:11am Jun 8 2021

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I'm having trouble selling 1 mirabilis and 1 malal egg.
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