When life is an Adventure...Dog version

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7:17pm Oct 5 2010

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"Mama"the little yellow pup wimpered as the rain trickled down on his face.He had his sissters Teara and Tiara and his brother Kiliminjaro,he was King though he did not feel like one. A young girl came up to the box and picked Teara up,she was brown with big wight streaks.King put his head up winning, a little hope in his eyes.The girl Took Teara and left.Then theire was only King.A 3 year old child came running and hit the box toppling it over.King took a few stepps out and then started to run scared of hove his life would end up now that he was surviving for himself.   

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6:43pm Oct 6 2010

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No offense, but this story seriously needs MUCH more details and grammar. :/  Oh and there are a few spelling errors too.  Plus you need to change the paragraph when the subject changes instead of keeping it in one huge post. ;c

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6:02pm Oct 7 2010


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I'd like to add that it's a genetic impossibility for all those puppies to be brother and sister when they're different species entirely...:/ Also, a story isn't a roleplay. You don't give pictures of the characters or their 'bio'. You describe them.

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