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5:43pm Oct 10 2010

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The night slowly crept along. A chilling breeze danced its way through the sleepy town. Along the roads were flickering lightlamps that didn't stay lit for long. From afar, the city had a nice copper glow.

The only living thing out was a boy. He was walking quickly away from town. Hands pockets of ripped jeans, this boy looked odd, not just because he was out at nearly midnight.

His clothes were full of dirt, as though he tripped and fell on a dirt road, and his sneakers were scuffed. His pace was hurried, like he was trying to run from something within the streets of the town.

He glanced over his shoulder at the distant town, then up at the full moon: it was high in the sky, like the noon sun.

Suddenly, his thin, muscualar body convulsed. His hands ripped out from his pocket and he fell to all fours. He back arched, like he was vomitting, and fell, only to continue. He was flung to the side, in the same way as being kicked aside.

After a few more minutes of twitching, kicking, and a few screams, a half-human, half-wolf layed on the gravel.


This is from my RP, but I kinda forgot I was writing for a RP, so it turned out more of a prolouge. :P How is it?


7:33am Oct 13 2010

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Very well crafted! I want to read more ^_^ It's vomiting btw, not vomitting.


10:14pm Oct 14 2010

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Ooh. Thank you.
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