Wanderer's Tale

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9:21pm Sep 24 2010

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On Reiflem the fires aren’t the worst danger you’ll face.  Here the fires are the least of your worries.

Hot, corrupt and filthy… this is Reiflempor Square.  Here the rich thrive on shady black market deals, illicit stock market trades and high stakes casino games.  Safe in their plush, climate controlled penthouses they rarely spare a thought for the street dwellers struggling so many stories below.  That is, not unless they can find a way to use them.  If you’re one of those unfortunates you pray they never do.

If you’re protected by the mafia you’ve got it made here.  You’re untouchable.  If you’ve got a gang to protect your back you might just sleep tight at night but don’t count on it.  Even a gang can’t guarantee your safety.  Not here in the fires.

In the Square, if you had the misfortune to be born down on the streets, you learn very quickly how to keep your head down and stay out of the sights of those in power.  Not everyone remains unnoticed.

She worked the floors of the casino, waitressing, bringing home what little the greedy elite could bear to part with.

He worked surrounded in fumes, choking and sweltering while he maintained the temperamental cooling systems enjoyed only by the privileged.

They had nothing but for a short time, together, they were happy.  They had a little girl with bright gray eyes and a smile as big as the planet is hot.  But on Reiflem happiness, more often than not, is fleeting.

The casino caters to many high rollers but one of them had his eye on her.  She couldn’t be bought but these types don’t understand the meaning of no. 

She was kidnapped and when he tried to rescue her he lost his life to the violence of Reiflempor Square.  Now he’s one of the forever lost and she’s just another missing street dweller.  One of so many that has vanished over the years. 

No one will look for her.  No one will miss her… save one.

In their run down apartment a little girl waited for parents who would never return.  Life in the Square was a constant struggle but if you’re small enough you can stay in the shadows.  She scraped by in the grime and the heat and she grew up.

She grew up smart.  She grew up strong.  She grew up tough.  She never forgot what happened and she’ll never stop searching.

This is her trial by fire. 

This is Wanderer’s Tale.

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