The Truth of Atqueen Forest

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3:39pm Aug 29 2016 (last edited on 3:45pm Aug 29 2016)

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Lush, heavy greenery and a warm salty breeze dances through the ever living forest known as Atqueen Forest. Along with greenery, roam the wild, abandoned, and forgotten creatu of Rescreatu.  While this forest is filled with the distressed wanderers and beautiful plants, there's more to this forest than one would think.

The grieving souls of these forgotten friends.


Today was like any other day; golden rays of sun, a cool touch to the mild breeze, and the refreshing smell of Atquati's water. Owners wandering in with an excited friend next to their side, obedient as ever. A smile plastered to their goofy face, and a shimmer of excitement in their eyes. I couldn't say the same for their owner, though. Their face is expressionless, but you could tell from the glazed over look in their owner's eyes, and the way they chewed on their bottom lip, that something was on their mind. I've seen this look more than once, and I'm sad to say: I see this look many times a day.

They walk in. Deeper and deeper, until the shadows hide them in the very core of the forest. While my ears are hard of hearing, nowadays, I can still hear the hushed whispers and icy tones. Soft whimpers, and harsh good byes. Frantic running from some owners, while others walk out of the shadows with confidence overtaking their body actions. The most painful thing about this whole scenario? Watching their once beloved friend cower with hot tears filling the corners of their eyes.

A small pat on the back frightens some, while others find it comforting. The one question that makes my stomach turn is something I hear daily:
"Why did they leave me here?"

I never answer these questions, because I can't stand the feeling of watching pain filled eyes release bottled up emotions. Instead, I find myself doing what I do best; wandering. The forest is a mysterious place, and not everyone knows the truth. But I'm here to inform you; distressed spirits filled with anger roam this forest.

I know this, because I've been a wanderer for as long as I can remember.

The shiver that runs down your spine isn't from the cool, salty breeze that blows up from the waters of Atquati. Instead, it's from the the wandering souls that brush your shoulder as they pass by; the ones who long for the love and compassion of an owner again. The feeling of sitting by the crackling fire, with the smell of roasted pecans hovering in the comfortable family room. We long for happiness to fill the void. We long for a place to call home, again. We long for non other than love.

This is the truth of the Atqueen Forest; home to wandering spirits. Some say this is nothing more than a legend, while others speak as though this forest is haunted.


11:42pm Aug 29 2016

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Slow clap
That was hauntingly beautiful!!


3:11am Aug 31 2016

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*claps* Yes, poor creatu :c


12:52pm Sep 1 2016

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Well done! You painted a powerful picture with your words, and this story sent shivers down my spine.


9:19pm Dec 19 2019

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*sniffle, clap clap*

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9:54am May 7 2020

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Beautiful <3

11:28am May 18 2020

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Truly worthy of all respect and ovation <3 Inspiring, chilling, suspenseful!

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