The story of populationpup : )

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10:48pm Jun 5 2017

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Hi I'm funfox21
And I'm going to the story of my 
Rose stardust Zenirix named populationpup
Hi I'm populationpup
Here's the story of my life
I was hatched 2017 march 22
And I was out of the showroom for a while
And when I was 25 on easter in the enchanted springs I changed rose
And then I was in the show room for a while and then my owner funfox21 
Took me out I did not know why
And then she brought some thing that looked like this
I did not know what it was
And then she dumped it on me
And that's my life story 

\r\nI\'m 8 years old and I\'m very kooky and I love to build Lego sets\r\nAnd play roblox

2:55pm Jun 8 2017

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Not to be rude, but like srrsly

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