The Howls and Hooves

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6:31pm Oct 1 2010

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Rose is a 12 year old girl, who was ent to her Dads farm to learn more on horses. The reason she was sent ther is because her cl*censored* was *censored*igned a project on horses. Everyobdy has four weeks off and has to write a five page essay on horses and farms. Sence Rose's mom died because of a stampede on the farm, she has to live with her Aunt Jen. Andy, the 18 year old, who works on her dads farm, is allways teasing Rose, and telling her what to do. But when Rose starts hearing, and seeing a strange phantom wolf, things begin to turn aorund.


Chapter 1“Rosalie Ann Calve get down here right now!” Aunt Jen yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Rose pulled her chair out from her desk, set her pencil down, and walked downstairs. “Yes?” She slumped over and let her arms dangle. Aunt Jen didn’t look very pleased with her, “Yes wha…?” Rose stood up straight and sighed, “Yes ma’am.” Aunt Jen smiled slightly then went back to yelling, “Explain to me why its already three o’ clock and you aint outside workin?” She placed her hands on her hips. “I-” Rose started. “I nothing! Now get out there in that barn and work.” Aunt Jen stomped her foot then stormed off into the kitchen. Rose sighed and put on a rain coat and boots. It was raining outside and Aunt Jen expected Rose to go and work! Rose stomped outside and walked into the barn. Mmmm, the barn was full of cool wet air. Just what Rose loved. It had always amazed her of how big their barn was, and how much of a puzzle it was. Rose grabbed a wheel barrow and placed a shovel and pitch fork in it. She walked down the lines of stalls, cleaning them out and replacing the hay. Her heart warmed to the smell of horses mixed with hay and rain. After she was done cleaning she emptied the barrow, and filled buckets of water, then pored them into the horses water troughs. Rose hummed softly witch seemed to make the job go faster. Before she knew it, she was ready to clean the horses. She put the wheel barrow, shovel, and pitch fork back. Then she grabbed a pick, a brush, and a comb. Slowly she went down the line of horses, gently combing their manes, gently picking their hooves, and gently brushing their fur. Once she reached her black mustang, Rover, she patted his strong neck. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at her. “Hey boy.” Rose whispered. He let out a small neigh then hung his head back down. When she finished grooming him, she put everything back and got a ladder. Carefully she climbed up and grabbed fifteen blankets. She placed two on each horses back, covering their whole body, then she put one on the floor. Rose then grabbed a saddle and bridle. Carefully she put them on Rover. Aunt Jen made her do these chores everyday. That meant, cleaning stalls, feeding, grooming, and training everyday. She expected Rose to care for all five horses they owned, and then ride and train them each for twenty minutes. No matter what the weather was. Rose lead Rover out of the barn and into the rain. She hoped the two blankets underneath his saddle would keep him warm. Slowly she walked him to the corral, where she tied him up and went to set up his training coarse. She walked into the shed where she grabbed a variety of poles and sticks. By the time she came back out the rain was falling a bit faster. She watched her step, trying not to fall on the wet gravel. Carefully she set up Rovers track for the day and untied him. There she mounted him and walked into the corral. Now the rain was poring. Isn’t this dangerous? She thought, with it raining like this. Rover could slip! But she had to do her chores. Rose let out a sigh and clicked her spurs into either side of Rover. He took a step back and bobbed his head up and down. “C’mon boy. I know you don’t want to. But you have to. If you don’t Aunt Jen will have my head for dinner, now go!” Rose leaned close to his ear then patted his neck. Once again she clicked her spurs. Rover shifted his weight and swayed his head side to side. “I didn’t want to do this…” Rose moaned. She held onto the slippery reins in one hand and smacked his rear with the other. Quickly she fixed both hands with a tight grip on the reins and held on. Rover lifted his front legs, balancing on his back legs, and let out a loud cry. He then charged forward as soon as all fours were back on the ground. Rose’s heart sped up as the horse ran full speed in the poring rain. Rose didn’t know everything about horses, but the few things she did know, were how to care for them, and how to get them to run. Rover jumped over the poles she set up and weaved through others. Rose held on tightly and leaned down, resting her chest on the back of his neck. His hooves splashed in the rain and his hair flicked in Rose’s eyes. Ahead of them was the first turn. Rose felt her heart pounding. She could tell Rover was scared because she could feel his heart beat through her legs. She quickly leaned back and pulled the reins to the side. Rover turned his head to look at her, then began to turn his body. Oh no. Rose thought. Rover’s hooves slipped, just as she predicted, and he couldn’t stop. He hands let go of the reins as the horse slammed into the fence. Rose flung off his back and hit the ground roughly.


ferniio made dem^^
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