Stuart and the blue sunglasses 😎

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3:32pm Sep 5 2018

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There one was a little boy named Stuart.
His mom was taking him to the store to buy a suit for his aunts wedding.
Come on Stuart! We need to go to the tie section. said Stuart's mom.
Coming! he shouted.
 as both of them walked over to the ties.
 Stuart walked with his mom until something shiny caught his eye.
The coolest sunglasses he had ever seen.
Shinning in the light coming in thru the windows.
Mom can I buy these! He said 
But it seemed like his mom did not hear him.
He snuck them into her purse as she walked.
After they got in the car he snuck them out of her bag and put them on.
Nice! When they got home he snuck them in the house and his them.
After playing rescreatu for a while he heard his sister Gwen knocking on the door.
Come in! He said. Dinner time said Gwen.
After dinner he did a puzzle and then went to bed.
At 2:47 AM he heard scratching and he got out of bed. 
He could not figure out where it was coming from so he went back to bed.
Suddenly he felt something punch his ear. 
OUCH! He opened his eyes and turned his lamp on.
He saw his sunglasses on the bed he put them away and went back to bed.
Then he heard a high pitched scream. AHHHHHHHHHHH HELP!
it sounded like Gwen. He rushed up to her room a the sunglasses were pinching her!
He took them out and threw them out the window. The next day he went down to breakfast.
He saw his mom looking very angry.
So you stole those huh! Y-Yes S-s-sorry.
We are taking those back! Where are they! said his mom. Um out the window.
WHAT! Your paying for those!
After breakfast they rushed to the store to pay for them.
100$ DOLLARS! Said Stuart's mom.
I've only got 20$
Looks like no allowance for a while. Said his mom.
They played for the sunglasses a left the store.
After that his life was back to almost normal except for no allowance

\r\nI\'m 8 years old and I\'m very kooky and I love to build Lego sets\r\nAnd play roblox

3:23pm Apr 2 2019

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Lol I'm much older now and my story seems dumb oof

\r\nI\'m 8 years old and I\'m very kooky and I love to build Lego sets\r\nAnd play roblox
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