SapphiresWill's lullaby

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10:21pm Apr 19 2019

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The sun has set, and the moon is rising. "Come dearest little one, it is time for bed" my mother said to me. Tucking me into bed, she sang a lullaby, a jumble of sounds which chimed like bells to my little ears. 

Sleep now my little one, lay your head upon your pillow.
Sweet dreams await you in your little lullaby land.
With clouds so fluffy, and castles so pretty
The kings and queens requesting to meet you
Bells ringing with joy, for all is well and the subjects so jolly.
Rest now my sweet child, for mother is nearby
Should your dreams make you fear sleep, fear not for I am here
To chase away all your bad dreams. So you may sleep peacefully

"Good night mother, I'll dream sweet dreams and see you in the morning" I said, slowly closing my eyes. My mother tucked me in, snug and tight. And stayed by my side until I was well and truly asleep

Fruity has been here, and will always remain here. Just kidding, I\'m a mere mortal in this life time
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