Rain storm.

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4:25pm Oct 23 2010

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The night was blanketed with a ebonite cover, the clearness of the night very visible on this one. The grey smears of clouds lied dormant on the hazy palette, a stray thunder boom awaking the lupe sleeping below. With a long stretch the femme awoke herself, luminaries glossed over with a musk of tiredness. Her cold black nose wiggled, a waft of rain washing over her olfactory. The canis huffed, settling back down while her glistening sapphire eyes watched the sky.

A cloud moved over a bit, allowing the pearly moonshine to flow through for a few moments before it was engulfed behind another cloud. Vendetta grunted - the obscene weather always hid the beautiful lunar glow. The she wolf rolled to her side, a yawn pulling through her visage. The young wolf was both angered with the storm, yet she had an odd attraction to watch it pas.s. A feeling of hunger washed over the dark pelt of the wolf, cream nape bristling as she stood. Her muscles cramped a bit from sleep, yet she would soon get out of it.

Vendetta trotted over the sawgras.s with all enthusiasm you would expect from an loner, eyes staring into nowhere. "A midnight hunt.. feh." The femme groaned, night was not a particularly good time to hunt. Her black nose once again flared, picking up scents of the snoozing doe ahead. A faint boom of thunder above gave the ebonite wolf a short jump, maybe because of the brief lightning that followed. Vendetta growled lowly at the sky, the impatience of it was about to make her seams rip. The she wolf pushed it aside however, and continued on her light trot into the tree's. A light rain had begun to fall over the land, the small droplets of water thumped on Vendetta's head. The she wolf groaned at the sky's oblivious actions, but the canopy of the trees gave her a bit of relief from the intensifying rainfall.

A small yet sturdy thicket was approaching with each step on the damp leaves that the wolf took. Her dark blue eyes squinted, a faint beige pelt being seen behind the bulk of the thorns and un pleasant things. Vendetta got a sense of satisfaction from watching the doe, perhaps it was just inbred into creatures of the canine species to get a thrill from watching prey. With another careful pad the she wolf got closer to the doe, and took the opportunity to jump. With a strong leap, the nimble wolf's silhouette was lost in the clump of leaves and branches. The doe awoke with a large startle, deep brown eyes flaring with fright as the smirking canis in front of her pressed in for the kill. 

A light thunder boomed through the night, a aromatic breeze pushing all sorts of night smells.

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