Plays and Twisted Tales.

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8:09am Sep 28 2010

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You are free to use the plays by me - I have asked my friends for permission. 

Snow White- The Twisted Version, by Twint and her group of friends.


N: Narrator

SM: Stepmother

M: Mirror

SW: Snow White

P: Prince

D1: Dwarf 1

D2: Dwarf 2

D3 : Dwarf 3 

N:Once there was a snowy white girl named Snow White. She was beautiful , and her stepmother was jealous.

SM:"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the prettiest of them all?" 

M:"Why, it is certainly not you, lady."

N:The mirror replied.

M:"Snow White is."

N:At this , of course the childish grandmother RAYGED and bawled. She banished Snow White from her home.

SM:"Get lost!"

N:She then sent her as's*censored*in to give Snow White a poison apple.

N:The as's*censored*in nodded and headed out. Meanwhile, Snow White had found three dwarfs. SW:"Please help me! My stepmother had thrown me out of my home!"

D1 + D2: "Go away."

D3:"You stink."

Snow White was saddened.

SW: Please? *blinks eyes*

D1: Oh okay.

D2: Sure. But if we smell your stink inside our cookie jar ...

D3: You're dead.

SW: Oh sure. *rolls eyes*

N: Snow White walked out of the home.

SW: I'm taking a walk!

N: She then found an apple - the poison apple that the as's*censored*in laid on the floor. She was , of course , stoopeed enough to eat it. Snow White then fell asleep.

N: Meanwhile, the stepmother asked the mirror,

SM: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the prettiest of them all?

N: The mirror didn't want to harm Snow White, so it answered,

M: Snow White's corpse is, of course, certainly not you. 

N: A charming prince then came by.

P: Oh ! What a lovely princess. She seems to have fainted  .

N: The prince was a fan of fairytales, and had heard that the kiss of a prince would wake a princess. He then bent down to kiss her.

N: Snow White then woke up.

SW: *Slaps prince* I want to sleep, get away! 

N: So the prince acted gay and fainted. The end. 


8:09am Sep 28 2010

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Twisted Tales.


8:10am Sep 28 2010

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So you want a certain weird story to be done? RMail me! This thread is mostly for critiques :P 



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