Pillow Fort

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I left home. I don't think i'm ever returning. 
I ran too far and fell through a hole. 
Hit my head pretty bad, too....
Here is my story....

Sita awoke with a groan, holding her head in pain. "Good grief, what a headache...." She said, then looked at her hand. It was covered in blood. She grimaced and looked around her. 
It was strange, where she was. Unlike anywhere she had ever been before. 
The sky was a light pink as the sun rose, and the light was Cast all over the hills, creating shadows and dark areas. Only.... those weren't hills. 
"Are those.... pillows?" Sita said, and then realized that she was sitting on them. Everywhere she looked. 
Mounds and mounds of pillows. She stood, noticing something else odd. 
"Aaaaaand I'm in pajamas. Lovely." She sighed. "Barefoot and in pajamas with a gash on my forehead." Kneeling, she grabbed a small pillow beneath her and took off its pillowcase. Grimacing at what she was about to do, she grabbed the pillow and...
The sound of tearing pillowcase was loud, and Sita internally shuddered. It had to be done, though. She took the strip of pillowcase and tied it across the gash on her forehead, making a diagonal strip around her entire skull and just barely over her left eyebrow. She knotted it in the back and looked around. "Gonna have to figure out where I am...."

~hours later.....~
Sita sat with her back against a large mound of pillows. It was Pleasantly cool and there was a soft breeze. She closed her eyes and stretched out her legs, falling quickly asleep. 
There was a rustling noise that woke her, followed by the soft sound of a small creature breathing. Sita opened an eye and nearly screamed. There was a small dark blue and brighter blue.... thing.... sitting on her lap, with tall ears and bat wings. 
"What the blazes...??" She said, and the thing blinked and her. Another small sound came from under a mound of pillows and and small eyes peered at her from underneath. There was a loud squeal and then with extremely high energy came a small creature that looked like.... Robin?? 
With the squealing continuing, the spazmatic creature ran circles around sita and the Bat winged thing, until it miscalculated and ran face first right into Sita's side. She smiled, finding the display rather adorable, and reached out her hand to help it up. There was a small sound of surprise from somewhere behind her and she looked up to see another thing wubbling  (for that was the only word to describe this kind of running) towards the Robin creature. This one looked like Nightwing, and Sita was amused at how quickly it came to the rescue of the other red, green and yellow creature. It nuzzled the thing and helped it sit upright again and then gave it a small lick on the top of its head. 
"You guys are so derpy...." Sita muttered, scratching the Nightwing thing and the Robin thing while the bat winged thing looked at her warily before curling up and closing its eyes. 
"Very apt." Someone said, and Sita couldn't see anyone for miles. 
"Who's there?!" Sita said, glaring around her. 
"You can't really see me, I'm just the disembodied voice from the Pillow zone, the home of the derps and current owner of PB&J."
"So these things..... are derps?" 
"Yes. Thsee ones seem to take a particular liking to you. Even Batderp, who normally doesn't like anyone." 
Sita looked at the small Dark blue derp in her lap. "So... how did I get here?"
"You came through a portal. You hit your head on the edge of it, which is why you have that gash on your forehead. Luckily, the pillows broke your fall and you didnt break anything."
"I suppose you want me to leave now...." Sita remarked, starting to move Batderp off of her lap.
"No, no. You can stay, as long as you promise to take good care of these derps. They seemed to really take a shine to you." 
"Oh. Well... can I take a nap here in the open? Are there any predators or dangerous creatures I should be aware of?"
"No danger here, and yes. You may nap."
"Good." With that, sita closed her eyes and brought the Nightwing derp and the Robin derp to her sides and fell asleep. 
~Two Days Later~
Sita grabbed a couple of sturdier pillows to add to her growing shelter. Of course, she didn't really need it. The clouds, while fluffy, seemed not to hold any sort of precipitation whatsoever so a roof on this thing was kind of obsolete, but it made Sita feel safer and that was a bonus of sorts. She looked down to see Derpin and Nightderp dragging a couple of pillows over to the shelter pile. It was more like a cave, really, but Sita was still trying to find a good name for it. Her makeshift bandage had been moved so it was more of a headband, the two tails of the knot in the back trailing behind her to make her look like some sort of pajama ninja. A pajinja, perhaps. Or a Ninjama. Batderp sat perched atop the “roof” of the fort and glared at the empty space in front of him. There was a small squeak as Sita put her foot down on something soft. She too let out a squeak and  looked down, gasping as her foot revealed Derpin facedown in the pillows. 
“Derpin!!” She scolded, picking up the silly thing and placing him on her shoulder. “No more slowing down under my feet, okay?” A small sound of agreement came from Derpin as he booped her with his wing. Sita picked up the pillow and looked at her small band of derps. 
Two more had come to her in her two days of wandering the Pillow Zone, a Derp that looked much like Damian Wayne as robin, and one that looked like the night sky. She decided to keep them, mostly because they just wouldn't leave her alone, and she needed warmth for the nights in the Pillow Zone.
Sita walked to the pillow... cave... thing.... and placed the sturdier pillows under the already sagging supports for the entrance. 
"There." She said. "Much better." 
Batderp looked at Sita and blew a raspberry before spreading his small bat wings and gliding down to her feet. 
"I still don't understand how you manage to fly, you little ball of stoic chubb." Sita said with a small smile. 
"Well, technically It's Gliding but yeah, flying works too." 
Sita just about jumped out of her skin. "Is this the disembodied voice again??"
"Yup. and I come with a gift." 
A piece of yellowed parchment paper with squiggles and lines on it dropped to her feet from out of nowhere. Duskderp, the sunset-looking chubb, waddled over and stared at it for a moment before turning to look to the west. 
"What's out there?" Sita asked, and waited for a couple of minutes until she was positive she wasn't going to get an answer, then sighed. "I'm gonna have to go check it out, aren't I?" 
Sita sighed again, picked up the map, and began to walk in that direction.

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ~Sherlock Holmes

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There is only one thing I have to say to this! >U  Cute!<333   It's so lovely seeing you use your derps in stories and seeing their personalities shine ; v ;

I love how you see the Pillow Zone in your mind for sure~

Thank you so much for sharing this with me!<3

Ooo~ Are you going to do a follow up on how you find/ make the pillow fort?

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