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10:33pm Sep 4 2010


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PAB Rules/Info (Temporary)

This is a temporary copy of the rules and info for everyone to use while the official page is down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Publish a Book Contest

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening!  We are pleased to announce the return of the Publish a Book Contest on Rescreatu!  The Publish a Book Contest is designed for writers of varied levels who simply love to write.  Here’s how it works.

Our staff members pick a theme, and then you use your imagination and put that internal muse to work!  Of course, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Plagiarism will not be tolerated!  Copying anyone else's work, even if it is unpublished, will result in a ban from this and all future Publish a Book Contests.

2. The story you write MUST be Rescreatu themed, not about other worlds or reality.

3. Only one entry per person is permitted.  Make sure you edit your entry thoroughly before submitting, as you will have no chance to edit it later.

4. All entries MUST be kept private. If they should be publicly posted on forums, blogs, or anywhere else on the site, the entry will be disqualified and you lose your chance to enter the current contest.

5. Entries are limited to a maximum length of 2,000 words.  Any entry that exceeds this maximum length will be disqualified. 

6. Your entry must be site appropriate.  Remember that younger players may also read this material. 

7. No staff member will be permitted to help you with your entry.  Nor are any collaborations permitted. The work you submit should be entirely yours.
Please Note: By entering a submission into this contest, you agree that your work becomes the property of, even if it does not win a prize.  In addition, it may be necessary for staff writers to edit your submission if it is published.  Credit will always be given to the original author of the submission.

Only one entry will be chosen as a Winner, however, up to four additional pieces may be granted Honorable Mentions.  The number of Honorable Mentions will vary from contest to contest, and may not be awarded at all.

The winner of the Publish a Book Contest will receive:
10,000,000 TU
Winners of the Publish a Book Contest
Patched Book Squishy
Scroll of Intelligence
Potion of Knowledge
Tiger Eye Gem
PAB Contest Marble

Those worthy of Honorable Mentions will receive:
5,000,000 TU
LE book of all honorable mentions' entries.

Judges will not have knowledge of which player the entry came from.

The Theme
For this exciting Publish a Book Contest, we have chosen a theme of Spooky Campfire Tales. Are you scary enough to scream your way into the heart of Rescreatu? Give it a try, and enjoy!

Please note:
Be sure to include your username here at Rescreatu along with the submission of your entry! 

Please send all entries to:


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